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  • Check out the clubs’ campaign in Copa du Brazil

The team with the most goal difference in both games reaches the quarter-finals – in the event of a draw, a penalty decision. The winner will receive a prize of R $ 3.9 million.And the key to the final will be known in the next stage.

Copa du Brazil enters Round of 16 – Photo: Thais Magelhaz / CBF

This Wednesday, in between state classics Corinthians and Santos, Atletico GO and Goiás, Fortaleza and SierraAnd to restore a national, last year’s Serie A title rivalry: Atletico MG vs. Flamengo. Complete the date Bahia vs. AtleticoBrasileirão title teams.

A day later, a new classic from Sao Paulo in the middle Sao Paulo and Palmyra, And another pair between the Brazilian champions: Flumens vs. Cruzeiro. Finally, on Thursday the 30th of next week, América-MG and Botafogo will face each other.

  • The Copa du Brazilian duels produce a series of classics from Sao Paulo.

Watch the first round matches:

  • 19h – Flumens vs. Cruzeiro – Maracanã – Premier and Sportv
  • 20h – Sao Paulo vs. Palmyra – Morbi – Amazon Prime
  • 19h – América-MG vs. Botafogo – Freedom – Premier & Sport V

Sao Paulo and Palmyra face each other on Monday, for Brasileirão, and will play again on Thursday – Photo: Marcos Reboli

A good number of state and national classics in Round of 16 are driven by the number of elite clubs. This is the largest edition of Serie A teams since 2013, when the rules for adding players to Libertadores changed..

Out of 16 teams, 14 are playing Brasileirão – with the exception of Bahia and Cruzeiro, both in Serie B. Six of the eight clubs in the previous edition (and again in 2014) were not playing in the First Division.

  • Check out the Brazilian Serie A table and standings.

Atlético-MG x Flamengo for the 2022 Brazilian; Teams face off again in Copa du Brazil – Photo: Gانln de Souza / Flamingo

The quarterfinalist will receive a prize of R $ 3.9 million. Competing from the first round, Cruzeiro, Ceará, Santos and São Paulo are the clubs that have earned the most awards so far, each collecting R $ 7.67 million. Then there are Atlético-GO and Goiás, with R $ 7.18 million.

  • CBF Increases Prize Values ​​for 2022 Copa du Brazil

Just entering the third round, Bahia (last year’s Northeast Cup champion), Botafogo (Serie B champion), plus América-MG, Atletico, Atlético-MG, Corinthians, Flamengo, Fluminense, Fortaleza, Palmeiras (from Libertadores) raised R $ 4.9 million, as they were not entitled to the quota for the previous two stages.

Whoever wins the final will receive R $ 60 million – four million more than the previous edition. Considering the previous rankings, the total amount for the champion can reach around R $ 80 million.

  • Wednesday tickets – BRL 3.9 million
  • Go to the semifinals – BRL 8 million
  • Second – BRL 25 million
  • Champion – BRL 60 million

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