Corinthians beat Alma Futsal to advance to U-21 Futsal World Cup semifinals

Corinthians beat Alma Futsal to advance to U-21 Futsal World Cup semifinals

This Friday, Corinthians defeated Alma Futsal of Japan 5-0. The bout for the quarterfinals of the Under-21 Futsal World Cup took place at the Albertina Salmon Arena in Paranaguá, Paraná. Timo’s goals were scored twice by Sodre, Gabriel Barbosa, Jonas and Petro.

With the victory, the Park Sao George Club qualified for the semi-finals of the World Cup. Throughout the tournament, the Corinthians won two matches and lost one. Timo’s next opponent will be Barcelona, ​​who beat Penroll 3-1 to advance.


Coach Gustave Passos had no qualms about that decision. So Timo entered with maximum force. Corinthians started the match. Wendysson, Lucas, Alexander Teixeira, Louis Philippe and Jonas.

the game

first time

The game got off to a balanced start, with both teams studying hard. Corinthians bet on possession of the ball, while the Japanese team tried to counter-attack to threaten the white and white club.

With one minute of the first leg, Gustavo Passos’ coaching team got the first chance to play. Louis Felipe scored with Jonas, took him to the area, kicked hard and the ball went into the right post of Alma Futsal.

The Elevenigro Club began to dominate the offensive. At three minutes Corinthians made a beautiful move, Louis Philippe welcomed in the middle of the court, arranged with love, took the risk but the ball went over the goal.

At 10 minutes into the game, Timo was close to scoring. After a great plot in the attacking field, Lucas went to Alexander Taxira, the player kicked the first shot and forced the goalkeeper of the Japanese team to save. Corinthians imposed too much in the match.

Even with Corinthians’ attacks, the goal took some time to come out. With one minute left in the first half, the Japanese team made a mistake in the exchange of passes, Gabriel Barbosa stole the ball for the Corinthians, shot and kick without giving the goalkeeper a chance.

Shortly afterwards, with 15 seconds left in the first half, Corinthians increased the score. Gabriel Barbosa made a great move to the left, the ball was left for Petro to kick the first shot to score Corinthians’ second goal. With a 2-0 win, the game went to halftime.

second time

The Corinthians started the second phase by capturing the ball. The first Elevenagra chance match was just 30 seconds. In a quick attack, Jonas welcomed into the area and kicked the goalkeeper’s good defense.

The Corinthians’ insistence resulted. With five minutes left in the second half, Timo exchanged passes at the entrance to the area in search of a hole in the Japanese defense. After a pass from Louis Philippe, Jonas grabbed from behind, finished with a heel and scored a brilliant goal.

The Elevenigro club started working by focusing on the possession of the ball, avoiding any reaction from Alma Futsal. At eight minutes, Luis Felipe went to Petro, who dribbled under the marked legs and left no chance for the goalkeeper. This was the player’s second and Corinthians’ fourth goal.

At the end of the match, Timo closed the score and ranking. In the 17th minute, Sodre got in the middle of the court, carried Carrie, dropped the ball from outside the area and scored the fifth Corinthians goal. The game ended 5-0 for Club Elevenigro.

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