Corinthians offers more money than Inter for Yuri Alberto. And Balbina tries to go back. Vitor Pereira – To calm Prisma

Sao Paulo Brazil

A good destination for money spent on Jô.

Help pay for the dream center forward for which Vítor Pereira demands a lot.

At the behest of President Duilio Monteiro Alves, the کرنتھیوں Entered the real battle to try to get Yuri Alberto’s services.

The 21-year-old striker belongs to Zeenat, who paid 20 million euros (about 9 149 million). International In January this year.

But as FIFA has decided that players playing in Russia can suspend their contracts until June 2023, as it has already done with players playing in Ukraine, the war has forced Yuri Alberto to leave Zenit. Are free to

When everything was on the way back, a serious, genuine interest of the Corinthians arose, on loan, to the Internacional.

DeVille’s plan, which has already been passed on to striker’s manager Andre Curie, is a one-year loan. Just like the Porto Alegre Club did.

The difference is in the salary offered.

International monthly can reach R $ 700,000.

Corinthians will be willing to pay R $ 1.1 million.

Yuri Alberto received about 4 1.4 million in Zenith.

Andre Curie and the players would like to continue in Europe.

But no big teams are showing interest, as he was still going through a period of adaptation in Zenit.

Vítor Pereira, who didn’t know the striker very well, really liked the videos he had access to. Striker who likes to play mainly, young, dynamic, top scorer.

The Corinthians wanted to keep the negotiations secret so that, if it did not work out, as happened with Kavani, the audience would not be disappointed.

But all the directors attached to the administration know about the beginning of the negotiations.

The expectation is very good.

But it is not public.

Because there is no guarantee that the deal will close.

But for the money, there are already serious indications that the international competition was won.

Only foreign clubs will compete.

At the very least, this is the information that has reached the directors of Corinth today.

And, among other things, the leaders hope to complete the sale of João Victor to Porto. Corinthians insist on 15 million euros, R $ 81 million. The Portuguese want to pay 10 million euros, about R $ 54 million.

With the money, it is hoped that the Corinthians will once again rely on Denamo Moscow’s Paraguayan Balboa. He lives like Yuri Alberto. The Guardian is highly regarded by the Corinthian administration. The offer is the same as the one offered to the former striker of International and Santos: one year contract. The difference will be in the salary offered. It will reach R $ 800,000 for a 30-year-old player.

The atmosphere in Corinthians is one of excitement.

Looking for help, as waiter Pereira wants.

Using BRL 700,000 per month which was paid to Jô …

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