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Coach Waiter Pereira helped calm the mood in Corinthians’ 4-0 defeat against Santos this Wednesday at the New Quیکاmica Arena, talking to rival coach Fabian Bostos, and finally his players during the turmoil. Drew the attention of the game

With the score set, midfielder Edson ran his foot over the ball near the sideline and was fouled hard by Santos through Angelo. Seconds later, another rival went to charge Edson. Meanwhile, Vittor Pereira on the edge of the lawn called Fabian Bustos for a talk.

Shortly after the final whistle, Corinthians’ coach also caught the attention of Edson and Mantuan, who threw a hat at Angelo during the second half.

– Edson is a technical player, when my team is losing, or winning, numerical decline … Edson is a technician, but he starts running his feet over the ball, touch here, touch there, I figured he could. Easy played. I like to respect opponents, he told me it’s not disrespectful, that’s what he felt the need to do. I went to see if it was a lack of respect, I hated a lack of respect, or it was what I felt the need to do. But I went to clean it up – waiter Pereira said at a press conference.

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Waiter Pereira talking to Edson after the Corinthians vs. Santos – Photo: Reproduction

In the mixed zone of Neo Química Arena, attacking midfielder Mantuan said that the technician had also consulted him about the hat.

– Santos players know me, they know I’m not a joker, 1-0 or 4-0. It was a resource, improved on the spot. Sir, you came to talk to me, it was not a joke, it was not meant to be a joke, we respect those on the other side. He understood, “said Mantuan.

Best Moments: Corinthians 4 x 0 Santos for Copa du Brazil

The victory at Villa Belmero on July 13 at 9:30 pm gave the Corinthians a good advantage in the return game.

Before thinking about the return clash of the Copa du Brazil Round of 16, the Corinthians will face Santos again for the 14th round of the Brasileirao on Saturday at 7 pm at the New Quیکاmica Arena.

“We run,” said Carica Bertglia The sound of the crowd

– Photo: Production

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