Corinthians win Copa du Brazil, beat Santos and advance

In their best performance of the season, Corinthians took no notice of Santos and made it to the Copa du Brazil quarter-finals. In support of more than 40,000 spectators at the Neo Química Arena tonight (22), Temao beat Peixe 4-0, with goals from Giuliano (twice), Gustavo Mantuan and Raul Gustavo, and Fiel. Listening to ‘olé’ singing and dancing. In the second half, coach Vittor Pereira finally won the first State Classic.

The classic was marked by Corinthians’ complete dominance in the match. Cast with Willian among the holders, Timo took an aggressive approach from the start of the match, scoring three goals in the first half and in the final half, still bringing some more than twenty boys to the field and turning the squad around. Santos, with one lesser player in the second half, could do little after Zanosillo’s dismissal and needed a flexible result to survive the Copa do Brazil.

Who did well: William

Free to describe the Corinthian invasive moves, he also appeared in the left, right, and center. No. 10 did what he wanted with Santos’ defense and contributed to the play for the first two goals of the match before providing assistance.

Who was bad?

Many players can be cited in the negative highlights, but Zanosillo and Julio are important. Zanosillo struggled to score and was sent off in the second half with a completely unnecessary move. Julio had failed in the attack and still did not help the defense.

Veteran Pereira’s first victory in the classic

Having joined the Corinthians in March this year, Portuguese waiter Pereira finally won his first victory in the state classic in Brazilian football. The coach had five such games with four defeats and one draw – a situation that bothered him behind the scenes.

Santos game: Strategy doesn’t work

Fabián Bustos, along with Léo Baptistão, Jhojan Julio and Marcos Leonardo, thought of three midfielders to free winger Lucas Pierce and Lucas Braga in the offensive system. In practice, however, Santos was in complete control. With that, the team could neither defend nor attack and suffer a historic defeat. Aware of Peixe’s rearrangement, Corinthians de Vítor Pereira doubled the sides and misused the reversal of the field to gain a numerical advantage at the top.

Osola, Roger Goods

The match began with Corinthians dominating the midfield, and Santos was armed for a counter-attack. The first dangerous move came after a pass on the right between Du Queiroz, Fagner and Gustavo Mantuan. The trio triangulated the edge of the field and the ball landed in a small area for Roger Godse to push it into the back of the net, but shirt 9 hit the over and sent the ball to the stand at the Neo Química Arena.

In turn, Mintwan opened the scoring.

The shot was the Corinthians ‘first goal after Guedes’ isolation. After stealing the ball in midfield, Valin stepped to the left, playing deep for Lucas Payton and the side crossed the bottom line for Gustavo Mantuan and swelled the net defended by Joao Paulo. The Santos team complained of a foul early in the game, but VAR saw no violation and confirmed the goal.

‘Involuntarily’, extends to Giuliano Timão.

The advantage on the scoreboard did not change Corinthians on the field and, 8 minutes later, he scored the second goal against Santos. On the right, Roger Godse’s individual move, after a deep pass from Willian, the ball reached the du Quiros inside the area. The steering wheel kicked and hit midfielder Giuliano. Deviations in the game deceived the opponent’s defense and the ball landed at the bottom of the Santos net.

Raul Gustavo blocked the ball for the first time.

Corinthians’ first half ended with another goal. In the right-hand corner play, defender Raul Gustavo climbed higher than his opponents and tested on the ground to beat Joao Paulo, leaving Timo third.

Santos returned from halftime without a change

With three goals behind and without being able to measure the strength of the Corinthians, Santos returned from the break with the same formation and struggled in the first half to catch the opposing team’s open heads. Fabián Bustos’ first move came in the 8th minute, with the addition of Camacho and Felipe Jonatan.

João Victor feels pain and leaves the field.

Cast as a starter for the Corinthians, defender João Victor felt pain in his right ankle again and needed to be replaced in the early minutes of the second half. The player has been absent for seven consecutive matches and returned to the relevant list in this classic.

The sentence for the Corinthians was abolished by the VAR.

Corinthians’ account at the Neo Química Arena could be a big deal. After receiving a pass from Willian, forward Roger Godes attacked the Santos area between two defenders, fell inside the area and referee Marcelo de Lima Henrique scored from the penalty spot. VAR was activated, the referee reviewed the bid and, finding that there was nothing wrong with the play, dismissed the call.

Everything can go wrong.

The situation was further complicated when midfielder Venecius Zanosillo fouled Patton, who was still in attack. Initially, there was no card in the play, but the VAR recommended a review of the bid. In the 16th minute of the second half, the referee saw Lucas Payton’s elbow and sent Santos out.

Santos’ defender hesitates and Giuliano closes the account.

In a corner play, the ball reached the Santos area from above, the defender hit his head and the ball went to the ball to fill his foot and score the fourth Corinthians goal – which was his second in the match. There was an offside request in the play, but the VAR confirmed the bid.

About a year

Santos conceded four goals in a match for the first time since August 28, 2021, in a 4-0 defeat to Flamingo. This was the last part of Fernando Deniz’s work at Peixe.

Classic on Saturday

The teams for the 14th round of the Brazilian Championship will meet again on Saturday (25) at 19:00 (Brazil time). The Sؤo Paulo Classic, as it happened tonight, will also be played at the Neo Química Arena.

Data sheet:

Corinthians 4 x 0 cents
Copa du Brazil – first round of Round of 16
the location: In Neo Química Arena, São Paulo (SP)
Date and time: June 22, 2022, 21:30 pm (Brazil time)
Referee: Marcelo de Lima Henrique (CEO)
Assistants: Eduardo Gonçalves da Cruz (MS) and Nailton Júnior de Sousa Oliveira (CE)
VAR: Daiane Caroline Muniz Dos Santos (Fifa / SP)
Yellow cards: João Paulo and Fabian Bustos (SAN)
Red card: Vinicius Zanocelo (SAN)
Objectives: Gustavo Mantuan, 19 Giuliano, 27 ؛ And Raul Gustavo, on the 42nd of the 1st half; Giuliano, 31 ‘of the second half

Corinthians: Cassius Fagner, João Victor (Robert Renan), Raul Gustavo and Lucas Piton Cantillo (Xavier), Du Queiroz (Roni) and Giuliano (Matheus Araújo) Gustavo Mantuan, Willian (Adson) and Róger Guedes. Technician: Victor Pereira

sent: John Paul Lucas Braga, Keki, Eduardo Bauerman and Lucas Pierce (Angelo); Rodrigo Fernández (Camacho), Sandry and Vinicius Zanocelo Léo Baptistão (Bruno Oliveira), Jhojan Julio (Felipe Jonathan) and Marcos Leonardo (Rwan). Technician: Fabian Bustos

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