Corinthians x Santos opposes friends Mantuan and Lucas Pires: “His dream is my dream” | Football

When Corinthians and Santos take to the field this Wednesday, at 9:30 pm GMT, for the first leg of the Copa du Brazil Round of 16, two great friends, almost brothers, will be at odds. Side: Midfielder Gustavo Mantuan, from Timo, and left-back Lucas Pierce, from Pax.

The two studied together since childhood and lived practically the same life. It was school in the morning, football in the afternoon and indoor football in the evening. During the break, also lunch, breakfast and dinner. Today, luck (and the Copa du Brazil draw) tried to keep Mantuan and Lucas Pierce as opponents.

– We started playing together from the age of nine until the U-20s, when he went to Santos. We’ve been in touch ever since. We try to talk to each other every day, we see each other a lot when we have vacation, it’s a friendship that will last a lifetime – Mantuan said.

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Lucas Pierce and Mantuan in the Brazilian team – Photo: Personal Archive

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– It was the back group that studied (laughs). We had to study when we were in school, because we traveled a lot to play, so we had to study at school, to do the basics – says Lucas Pierce.

Already grown up and with a lot of storytelling, the pair have been able to fulfill the dreams they had dreamed of since childhood.

– We dreamed of going to a big mall and buying a sneaker we wanted. We were able to do that last week. He knows my pain, I know his pain. Seeing him grow, develop, conquer the things he wants … his dream is my dream. And I’m sure my dream is his dream. I’m glad he’s on the road – Santos’ leftback said.

Mantuan and Lucas Pierce enjoying the holidays together – Photo: Personal Archive

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Lucas Pierce will start this Wednesday. In fact, it has been since the beginning of the season. At age 21, he replaced Philip Jonathan and never let go. He has already played 40 games in 2022, counting down to nine in the Copa Sao Paulo de Jr. football for the Santos U-20.

Gustavo Mantuan is one of the wild cards of Vítor Pereira. Versatile, he has played in the entire right lane of the field, from side to head. It was this talent that brought him up in the hands of the Portuguese. With the new coach, the players became the second leading scorers of the team by scoring four goals.

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