Coritiba regulates protests in the CBF.

Arbitration errorsTomorrow, 10:18 a.m.

By: Ricardo Honorio

Coritiba filed an administrative representation with the CBF against arbitration errors in the classic Atletiba. The document was filed Monday with the arbitration ombudsman, a copy of which was in the possession of former Sao Paulo arbitrator Wilson Selmi, chairman of the arbitration commission.

According to an article on the club’s official website, the document is signed by President Juarez Maurice E. Silva. Coritiba’s protest and disagreement with the performance of field referee, Luis Flavio de Oliveira, and video referee, Diane Caroline Maniz dos Santos, for mistakes made in the classic.

The document highlights an unmarked penalty over Leo Gamalo in the 56th minute, when top scorer Alviard was fouled inside the area by defender Pedro Henrique, prompting the VAR to investigate a possible penalty from A. Paranaense. Called Luiz Flávio de Oliveira. , Which ended up being marked and changed. In the bid with Forward Alviward, ignoring violations other than the field referee and VAR, Luiz Flávio de Oliveira whistled at the end of the match without waiting for the bid review.

In the document, Coritiba also requests the provision of audios in which the referee talks during the match, warns the referees, does not select them to play in Coritiba’s matches in Brasileirão and that they are recycled / reassessed. Is submitted for .

Opinions of THIGHANS

In Brazil, arbitration is something that urgently needs to be professionalized. Although there are rules in football, each judge interprets them in his own way. The fine given to A. Paranaense is an example of this. In the game between Sao Paulo X Palmyras, Sao Paulo goalkeeper Jandri made the same bid against Coretiba goalkeeper Rafael Williams, however, unlike Mr. Luis Flavio de Oliveira, who is its judge. Classic Palista, Anderson Darwin, didn’t score anything.

But it was not just the fine given to A. Paranaense that sparked Coritiba’s protest, but also the unconfirmed possible punishment for Coritiba in the immediate aftermath of Atlético’s goal. It is clear in the bid that the opponent’s defender, Pedro Henrique, goes up to head the ball, placing his hand on Leo Gamalo’s face and leaning on striker Coxa Branca, a clear violation. However, in addition to ignoring the bid, the referee quickly ended the game without giving time for a VAR check. At least, a suspicious attitude, not only from the judge, but also from the video referee.

Unfortunately, we know that the CBF will not do anything about the referencing errors in the classic, even after Coritiba has regularized their protest. But Club Alvarez is right to officially express its dissatisfaction.

It is unbelievable that a game that transfers billions of rupees, countless direct and indirect jobs, that evokes the spirit of millions of Brazilians, still has to live with amateur mediation, which casts doubt on football. Is. The adoption of VAR did not end bad referees in Brazilian football.
The only way to improve is to become a professional referee. Until that happens, we will continue to suffer from the mistakes and prejudices of Wilton Pereira Sampaio, Sávio Pereira Sampaio, Luiz Flávio de Oliveira and many others who have already damaged Coritiba.

Ricardo Honorio
Editor of COXAnautas

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