Corona: typical symptoms of infection

Source: RKI (as of 23 November 2021)

Covid-19: how does the illness develop?

The course of the illness varies considerably. Asymptomatic infections can vary from extreme pneumonia resulting in lung failure and demise.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), roughly one in each 200 folks with confirmed corona infection in Germany has died on account of Covid 19. (Status: 20.07.2022)

Typical flu symptoms embrace fever, chills, fatigue, physique aches and cough

Is it “simply” flu or Corona? The World Health Organization predicts {that a} vital proportion of these contaminated with Covid-19 (worldwide) will undergo from chills and muscle aches. Anyone experiencing these symptoms ought to get a corona check as a precaution.

Fatigue: Confusion and discomfort

Difficulty waking up, concentrating, confusion and common restlessness could be indicators that you’ve got Covid-19, particularly in kids.

However, if ONLY these symptoms are discovered, they’re extra more likely to be on account of different causes. If, then again, they seem with symptoms equivalent to problem respiratory, cough or fever, it is best to search assist.

A way of scent and style, or quite a sore throat?

Young folks with “juvenile immune methods” contaminated with Covid-19 are significantly susceptible to loss of sense of scent and style.

However, it doesn’t happen if there may be an infection with the omicron variant. It is commonly related to a sore throat and infrequently loss of style and scent.

More typically than anticipated: nausea and diarrhea

Digestive issues are additionally related to the coronavirus. Especially in kids, if nausea and diarrhea seem together with fever, it may be an indicator of coronavirus infection.

Headache and Dizziness: Flu, Cold or Covid-19?

Headaches and dizziness may also be symptoms or uncomfortable side effects of corona infection. Some of those that had been confirmed to be contaminated complained of complications, some of them had been dizzy.

Here, too, it is very important verify whether or not the symptoms are from the flu or a chilly.

Pollen allergy or Corona? nostril and throat ache

A runny nostril is extra more likely to point out a chilly or pollen allergy than the coronavirus, however it might additionally happen as a aspect impact of Covid-19. A sore throat can be typical of a “regular” flu or chilly, however doesn’t rule out a corona virus infection.

Characteristic of viral illnesses: conjunctivitis and purple eye

Like nearly all viral illnesses, the eyes could be contaminated with the corona virus. Along with the same old symptoms equivalent to fever, physique aches or fatigue, victims develop irritation of the eyes or mucous membranes. Similar to what can seem as half of the flu.

“Long Covid” and “Post-Covid”

Long-term research present that anybody who survives Covid-19 can nonetheless undergo long-term results. Lungs, muscle groups, mind, coronary heart or kidneys could be completely or completely broken. Sufferers undergo from continual fatigue and even hair loss. Doctors name this “Prolonged Covid” or “Post Covid”. Find out what the variations are and the place victims can discover assist right here.



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