Covid 19 can be detected before wearable symptoms.

According to a study, some smart bracelets (or smart watches) can detect Covid 19 before the symptoms appear. The instruments are commonly used to monitor changes in skin temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate. Scientists believe that incorporating this information with artificial intelligence could lead to a more symptomatic diagnosis of corona virus infection.

These tests were performed with the so-called “Ava bracelet”, aimed at health, which was used to monitor fertility and determine the best time to conceive. In the study, it was noted that 6 out of 28 participating researchers are employees of Ava AG, which manufactures products. It was published in a scientific journal. BMJ Open.

According to research, monitoring devices worn on the wrist can be used to detect covid before or in the absence of symptoms (Photo: Rodrigo Folter / Canaltech)

Monitoring and detection

The tests studied 1,163 people under the age of 51 in Liechtenstein, whose follow-up began in April 2020 at the onset of the epidemic and continued until March 2021. They had to wear smart bands at night, and it saves data every 10 seconds. It requires at least 4 hours of straight sleep during use to work.

The devices were synchronized with the cell phone application, in which participants recorded any activities that could affect the outcome, such as alcohol use, prescription drugs or recreational drugs. Symptoms of possible CoVID-19 infection, such as fever, were also present. The device monitors heart rate and fluctuations, wrist temperature and blood flow.

The people who were studied underwent rapid antigen tests, and those with symptoms underwent PCR. In total, 1.5 million hours of physical data were saved, and corona virus cases were detected in 127 individuals, of whom 66 (or 52%) used the device for at least 29 consecutive days, the analysis said. Added to

Alerts issued by the devices can warn of potential infections and prevent community transmission of the Covid 19 (Photo: Insplash / Louisme Sanchez).
Alerts issued by the devices can warn of potential infections and prevent community transmission of the Covid 19 (Photo: Insplash / Louisme Sanchez).

The study recorded significant changes in the body during the incubation period of the virus, before symptoms appeared, and during symptoms and recovery, compared to non-infected individuals. Using algorithms to combine data from smart bands or watches, it was possible to identify 68% of positive cases two days before symptoms appeared.

The PCR test is the best way to diagnose a virus infection, but scientists believe the new tool promises to detect pre-symptomatic or non-symptomatic people, as the devices are easy to use, inexpensive. And allow users to monitor their health. Global pandemic.

According to the researchers, the initial diagnosis could be incorporated into the device, which could warn the user that it may be infected, making it possible to prevent further spread of the disease. The Ava bracelet used in the study costs £ 249. The algorithm is now being tested on a group of 20,000 people in the Netherlands, and results are expected in the second half of 2022.

Source: BMJ Open

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