CoVID-19: Department of Health announces new vaccination efforts in ES. Holy Spirit

The announcement was made by Esperanto Santo’s Secretary of Health, Nesio Fernandes, and Health Surveillance Under-Secretary Louise Carlos Reblin at a press conference this afternoon (22). New “Day” of Vaccination against Covid 19 in the State And updated the epidemic situation in ES.

  • Use of masks in ES: See where it is recommended and where it is still mandatory.
  • Check out places that offer free and unannounced testing at ES.

The task force will be held next week (25) for all age groups eligible for the vaccine and is expected by the State Department of Health (SESA). Trust the participation of all municipalities of Espírito Santo..

‘We mobilized and demanded a new’ D-Day ‘of vaccination this weekend, we estimate that more than 50,000 doses will be offered next week, and this number could increase further, depending on the dose we use. Waiting for the survey to complete. We invite the entire population: children over the age of five, adolescents, the entire adult population who have not yet completed the vaccination schedule and are eligible to receive the vaccine, “said Nessio Fernandez.

Municipalities that participate in the vaccination efforts called by the ES government. Advertise on City Hall websites. Operation information.

The fourth dose for those over 30 years of age

Since Monday (20) ES has been vaccinating the general population over the age of 30 with a fourth dose.

“I want to highlight the ES government’s expectations of a second booster dose for people over the age of 30. They can look at the vaccination points available through the municipalities, as a whole, because they are authorized immunizations. Are “. Nesio said.

Vaccination against CoVID-19 in ES – Photo: Government of ES / Disclosure

ES experiences rapid growth in matters.

ES is undergoing a fifth wave of epidemics and cases, hospital admissions and the death curve behavior show growth in the state, Although it does not represent the level as seen in other times.According to Nesio.

“ES is experiencing a sharp rise in cases of CoVID-19 cases, hospital admissions and deaths throughout this fifth wave of experiments. This is increasing rapidly every 14 days. The number of cases has doubled in the last 24 hours. The curve behavior in this and next week may give an idea of ​​what we had at the beginning of the year, but we are not sure if it was Ômicron in January. Assume a ratio equal to the arrival

Overcoming the epidemic in the second half

In the secretary’s assessment, in the second semester, Espírito Santo will be able to control hospital admissions and epidemic-related deaths “to a level never reached”.

“In the second half of the year, we are recovering from the effects of the epidemic and moving to the level of hospital admissions and deaths that did not reach any time during the epidemic.” In the worst weeks of the third wave, with the exception of the ômicron moment, we have the maximum number of cases.

New admissions organization

The secretary also announced that the state now has a new strategy for arranging beds for patients. There are positive test and respiratory symptoms for Covid 19..

“We have a new way of managing people infected with Covid 19 in ES, in which if a patient’s test is positive during hospitalization for a suspected respiratory illness during a hospital stay, the patient can now Not removed in other units. As usual, only exceptional cases. He is no longer taken to referral hospital. “

Mandatory mask must not be returned.

According to Secretary Nesio The Esperanto Santo government does not intend to resume the mandatory use of masksAlthough maintaining the recommendation to use protection.

“At the moment there is no prediction that it will be mandatory, but we have increased, for example, the participation of school administrators in increasing the use of masks in the school environment,” he said.

In addition to reactivating testing points across the state, Sesa is studying demand and the implementation of new test sites for it. Meets private organizations and health projects.According to Undersecretary Louis Carlos Reblin.

“We hold a number of meetings with private institutions, health projects and educational institutions to test each city, in addition to its natural offerings, for free on demand, and we are gradually re-activating testing points, not just in Greater Vitoria. In rural areas, “he explained.

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