Criticized, the CBF announced the Arbitration Commission team, and Adelando stated: “I do not want paternity.” Football

At a ceremony Wednesday at the CBF headquarters west of Rio de Janeiro, the chairman of the arbitration commission, Wilson Louise Cinnam, announced a new team for the department.

There are 18 members in total. Mediation has been criticized by club officials and state federations, especially since the start of the Brazilian Championship Series A and B. Video referee’s decisions provoke controversy and protest.

CBF Vice President Fernando Sarni, CBF President Adnaldo Rodriguez and Commission President Wilson Cinnamon – Photo: Martin Fernandez

New members of the commission include some former referees, such as Ricardo Marquez Ribeiro and Pericles Basoles.

– I have reached these names with maximum autonomy. I know the president is watching me, just as the referees have to know they are watching from our side. But I did not have this freedom of action (to choose names) even in Conmebol – which is guaranteed by the cinema.

Ricardo Marques Ribeiro is one of the new members of the Arbitration Commission – Photo: Thiago Gadelha / SVM

Last weekend’s round was particularly bad for refereeing, with criticism in several games in the top two divisions. In the most controversial match, Sávio Pereira Sampaio made several mistakes in Botafogo’s 3-2 victory over Internacional.

– We arrived here on Friday and Brasileirão started on Saturday. I am not absolving myself of responsibility. The mistakes of the weekend are mine. But they do not reflect my work. this is true. I can’t compare my two-month job with a 17-year job. It’s illegal, it’s not right. When it’s fair to me, it’s mine. I am responsible for that. But in these circumstances there is a lot of the past. It is clear that – this Wednesday the cinema said.

PC does not agree to score a penalty for Oliveira International.

Check out the full list below:

  • Wilson Louise Cinema – Chairman of the Arbitration Commission
  • Emerson Augusto de Carvalho – Vice President of the Arbitration Commission
  • Member of Ricardo Marques Ribeiro – CA.
  • Hilton Moutinho Rodrigues – CA Member
  • Regildênia de Holanda Moura – CA Member / Responsible for Women Arbitration
  • Mtalo Medeiros de Azevedo – Board Member / Statistician
  • Eliseo Pina Jr. – General Manager of CEAB
  • Roberto Prossi – Arbitration Teaching Manager
  • Giuliano Bozzano – Technical Arbitration Manager
  • Pericles Bassols – Technical Manager VAR
  • Lucas Dias Almeida – VAR Manager
  • Rodrigo Pereira Jóia – Managing Manager Abitragem
  • Paulo Roberto da Rocha Camello – Arbitration Physical Coordinator
  • Michael Silva Araujo – Technical Video Analyst
  • Edson Residency de Oliveira – Ombudsman / Internal Affairs Arbitration.
  • Renata Lee – Futsal Management Coordinator
  • Sandro Brechin – Futsal Technical Coordinator
  • Niara Santos Izuido – CA Administrative Analyst
  • Tatiana Pacheco Lima Guedes – Administrative Analyst CEAB

“Misunderstandings will be reduced”

At the beginning of the meeting, which was attended by some representatives of clubs and federations, CBF President Adenaldo Rodriguez said that he encourages criticism to improve mediation.

– You are here for the successful work you have already done in arbitration and for the confidence of the Chairman of the Arbitration Committee. I believe there is criticism: I want them to make demands on referees. I don’t want patriarchy, it’s over, “Adelando said in support of the cinema.

– Today we are starting another new phase, I have a lot of confidence in the work of the cinema. I insisted that he choose you, it was entirely his choice. He will be free to make whatever changes he wants.

The cinema was announced by Adelando on April 7 this year – Photo: Disclosure / CBF

CBF President Ednaldo Rodrigues called the floor at the beginning of the meeting and promised to continue investing in mediation. He acknowledged mistakes, but said that “ridiculous criticism” should be ignored..

– Arbitration mistakes do not leave anyone well. It only contributes to chaos and even violence. Everyone is working on what was wrong, we will have a better mediator, who will not repay the wrongdoers. Those who make mistakes will have to work on the tricks in which they have made the most mistakes – Adnano Rodriguez said “mistakes will be significantly reduced”.

Adenaldo Rodriguez confirmed that, before hiring Cinema, he sought names from other continents to order Brazilian arbitration:

– Cinnamon was helping me try other names, out of the continent, Portugal, Spain, even Russia. We search between December and March. Alejandro (Domínguez, president of Conmebol) did not want to give up, but later agreed to release him to help Brazilian football – the president commented.

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