Cruzeiro: Is Betium Stadium too far away? See the distance to the heavenly castles

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The arena will be impressive for the Byxada Betium Stadium.

The area of ​​the stadium that Bethlehem City has announced plans to build – and which will host the Cruzeiro Games – is farther from Manero than most neighborhoods in Belo Horizonte and Contejim, where club members Much of it is located. . The survey was conducted by Super sports Based on Scio 5 Estrelas program transparency data. Google Maps was used for route planning.

Neighborhood with the most members CruiseIs approximately 28 km from the location offered for the studio in the Bright BH metropolitan area and 19.8 km from Maniro.

Castillo’s fans, the other neighborhood, which has the most members, would be more than five times the distance if Raposa moved home: 5.3km from Maniro to 28.5km from Bethiam Stadium.

The situation will be even worse for the partners at Bairro Planalto. They will have to cover about 38 km to reach the site.
Six more neighborhoods with more members will be more than 30 km from the proposed site: Santo Antonio (31.7 km), Sagrada Familia (32 km), Oro Preto (31 km), Seon (35.5 km), Sierra (31.2 km) and Cidade Nova (33 km).

The only neighborhood that will not be affected, with many members of Cruzeiro, is Eldorado, in Contejim: the average distance is 18.1 km, while Menero is 16.1 km.

Overall, 41.73% of the members of the Heavenly Club live in BH.

Check out the distance from the main squares to the area where the stadium designed by the city of Bethlehem will be at the bottom of the page.

Betium Stadium

On the other hand, Bethel residents will not have to travel to Maniro if the distance to a possible relocation is too great for Belo Horizonte fans.

Today, Cruzeiro has about 3% members in the town of Grande BH – about 1,800. This number will probably increase if Gigante da Pampulha is converted to a betium field.

This distance will not be too much for the residents of the neighboring town of Contejim. Currently, the municipality of Raposa has about 4,500 associates, making it the state’s industrial center.

How was the search done?

In order to locate the area indicated for the construction of Betim Stadium, in the vicinity of Xu Jo, 1.5 km away from the Partridge Shopping Center, was considered, as the city’s mayor, Vitorio Medioli (Neutral) held a press conference. I explained. 15 to date. Therefore, it is an approximate distance, because the project is not ready.

On Google Maps, the indicated locations are selected and the shortest route to the location in Mineiro and Betim is searched. The research takes into account the path taken by the automobile.

Since public transportation is planned on match days, public transport routes have not been researched at this time.

Live without sports

Design projects
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The studio project in Betham was presented to the directors of Cruzeiro this Tuesday (21).

Betim Stadium will be affected by the Arena da Baixada in Atltico-PR, which is expected to have 45,000 spectators for the games and 52,000 for concerts.

For the local government, the stadium will only serve as a venue for celebrations and entertainment – no financial feasibility study has been presented to the press.

The money for the construction will come from a public-private partnership of R $ 450 million. The city government said it had already met with businessmen to discuss the project. A multinational group, whose name has not been mentioned, will like what happened. However, nothing is signed.

Experiment at Arena Pernambuco.

In Recife, the experiment of a studio away from the city center was not successful. The Pranambuko Arena, located in the Su Lorino da Mata in the metropolitan area, did not appeal to spectators.
The stadium is about 18 km from the center of the capital. Currently, no club (Sports, Nautico and Santa Cruz) adopts this field, which was built for the World Cup, as home.

Pernambuco Arena
Photo: Paolo Paiva / DP

The modern Pernambuco Arena, but it became impractical.

“Fans of the three local clubs, of course, still prefer the structural problems of their old stadium to the inconvenience of access to the Pernambuco Arena,” said Alexander Ricardo, a reporter at Recife.

“Arena Pernambuco needs a lot of support from local organizations, like FPF, because there is no good alternative to mobilize the spectators. , And games, for example, require more than 30,000 spectators of actual combat operations. 232, “he added.

Currently, Arena Pernambuco is in short use.

Approximate distance to the stadium

  1. Borites – 1.39% of Cruzeiro members
    Distance to Minero – 19.8 km
    Possible Betium Stadium Distance – 28 km

  2. Castillo – 1.11% Cruzeiro members
    Distance to Maniro – 5.3 km
    Probable Betium Stadium Distance – 28.5 km

  3. 0.82% members of Santo Antonio – Cruzeiro
    Distance to Menero – 12.1 km
    Probable Betium Stadium Distance – 31.7 km

  4. Lourdes – 0.8% of Cruzeiro members
    Distance to Minero – 9.9 km
    Possible Distance Betham Stadium – 27.3 km

  5. Sagrada Familia – 0.76% members of Cruzeiro
    Distance to Minero – 13.7 km
    Possible Betium Stadium Distance – 32 km

  6. Oro Preto – 0.68% members of Cruzeiro
    Distance to Minero – 3.2 km
    Probable Betium Stadium Distance – 31 km

  7. 0.61% members of Father Eustace – Cruzeiro
    Distance to Minero – 7.8 km
    Probable Betium Stadium Distance – 25.5 km

  8. Seven – 0.58% members of Cruzeiro
    Distance to Minero – 12.7 km
    Probable Betium Stadium Distance – 35.5 km

  9. Gutierrez – 0.57% of Cruzeiro’s partners
    Distance to Minero – 11 km
    Probable Betium Stadium Distance – 26.3 km

  10. BH Center – 0.56% members of Cruzeiro
    Distance to Minero – 9.4 km
    Possible Distance Betim Stadium – 28.2 km

  11. Eldorado – Count – 0.56% Cruzeiro members
    Distance to Menero – 16.1 km
    Probable Betium Stadium Distance – 18.1 km

  12. Sierra – 0.54% of Cruzeiro’s partners
    Distance to Minero – 13.1 km
    Probable Betium Stadium Distance – 31.2 km

  13. Planalto – 0.54% of Cruzeiro’s partners
    Distance to Minero – 7.5 km
    Probable Betium Stadium Distance – 38 km

  14. Cidade Nova – 0.5% members of Cruzeiro
    Distance to Minero – 9.9 km
    Possible Betium Stadium Distance – 33 km

  15. Employees – 0.48% Cruzero members
    Distance to Minero – 12.8 km
    Probable Betium Stadium Distance – 29.6 km

* According to Cruzeiro Partner’s website, the last data update took place this Wednesday (22). The report contacted the press office, which confirmed that the information was up-to-date.

* Search by Google Maps with approximate distance.

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