CSA vs Gremio LIVE (1-0) | 06/23/2022

22:19 One minute ago

Break up

End of the first half.

22:19 One minute ago

No purpose

45 ‘Oswaldo crosses from the left and Marco Tolio tries to finish with Vali, but he clears.

22: 182 minutes ago


45 ‘Two minutes to the end of the first half.

22: 138 minutes ago


39 ‘Rodrigo Ferreira puts a fine pen on Osvaldo on the right and hits the goal. Marcelo Carney defended in two parts.

22:11 9 minutes ago

Center forward in defense

38 ‘Nicholas swings into a corner on the left with a cross in the area and Rodrigo Rodriguez takes the risk.

22:07 14 minutes ago

In the hands of the goalkeeper

33 ‘Gabriel crosses to the right and Gabriel Grando has the ball.

22:06 14 minutes ago

Defense kit

32 ‘Nicholas moves left and crosses freely. Wellington cuts the ball at the right time to prevent it from reaching Diego Souza. The Graeme tie was on the way.

22:06 15 minutes ago

E. Marco Tolio

30 ‘Marco Tulio moves down to the right, Pedro puts a crescent on Jeromel, but when the shot is taken he gets completely in the way.

22:04 16 minutes ago


28 ‘Oswaldo pushes the ball to the left and crosses it. Rodrigo dominates Rodrigues and kicks Pedro Geromel.

21:58 23 minutes ago

Human wall

25 ‘Diego Souza gives a frontal free kick at midnight and the defense stops him.

21:58 23 minutes ago

Change to CSA

25 ‘Lourenço leaves and Marco Túlio enters.

21:56 24 minutes ago


23 ‘Lourenço, midfielder for CSA. She has back pain and is receiving medical treatment.

21:56 24 minutes ago

Marcelo Carne again

22 ‘Rodrigo Ferreira crosses on the right, Diego Souza heads towards the area and Marcelo Carne moves on to save another.

21:55 25 minutes ago


21 ‘Gabriel gives Rodrigo Rodriguez the right pass from the left side of the box. Center forward dominates and threatens, but misses the target.

21:55 26 minutes ago


16 ‘Lourenço is completely free, runs down to the right and crosses. The defense makes a partial cut and Osvaldo kicks hard and low through the entrance to the area. Gabriel Grando avoids the other Isolino as it spreads.

21: 5228 minutes ago

Marcelo Carne avoided the draw.

13 ‘Giva Santos failed to enter the area, Lucas Silva won and finished. Marcelo Carney leaves the goal and becomes very big. Providental Defense.

21:52 29 minutes ago

CSA purpose

In the 12 ‘rehearsed corner kick, Lorenko got it from Diego Renan on the right and crossed. Giovanna stood between Graeme’s defense and a strong header to open the scoring.

21:51 30 minutes ago

Grando, my son, what is this?

11 ‘Pedro Jeromel retreats towards Gabriel Grando. Osvaldo came and almost stole the ball from Graeme’s goalkeeper. The ball passed over the goal and did not go in very little.

21:50 31 minutes ago

Lack of power

8 ‘Lourenço passes the marker and takes the risk, but shoots weakly.

21:40 41 minutes ago

The first game is over

3 ‘Lucas Marquez got it from Gabriel on the right and crossed from the bottom. Lourenço’s dominance, rotation and Grêmio’s defense make the cut. Gabriel opens with Diego Rennon on the left and hits first on the side goal.

21:32 An hour ago

Get started.

Start playing in Trapichão!

21:32 An hour ago

Everyone is ready.

The ball will spin in moments.

21:27 An hour ago


21:22 An hour ago

Is prohibited.

Refereeing on the pitch and players of both teams.

21:17 An hour ago


Players from both teams complete their final physical preparation. The ball will spin within 15 minutes.

21:12 An hour ago

Video referencing

21:07 One hour ago

Field referencing

21:02 An hour ago

Guild reservations

20:57 An hour ago

CSA reservations

20:52 An hour ago

Guild line up

20: 472 hours ago

CSA increments

20: 422 hours ago

Designated teams.

20: 372 hours ago

How and where to watch CSA vs Gremio live

In addition to real-time VAVEL Brasil, the match between CSA vs Grêmio will be broadcast live on the Premier Channel.

20: 322 hours ago

When is the CSA vs Grêmio game and how to follow it live.

20: 272 hours ago


20: 222 hours ago

Boom defaults

Absentees are: Brino, Caniman, Leo Gomez, Edelson, Elkison (muscle injuries), Valanti and Rodriguez (flu-like symptoms), Thiago Santos (knee blow), Benitez (knee injury), Ferreira (inguinal hernia). ۔

20: 172 hours ago

Possible board

Roger Machado can go on the field like this: Gabriel Grando; Natã, Geromel and Bruno Alves Rodrigo Ferreira, Lucas Silva, Battello and Nicolas (Diego Barbosa); Genderson, Baile and Diego Souza.

20:12 2 hours ago

CSA defaults

Absences are: Dedera (suspended), Clayton (knee), Cedric (knee), Ernads (knee) and Gabriel Tony (publgia).

20:07 2 hours ago

Possible CSA

Alberto Valentim should go to the field with him: Marcelo Corn Lucas Marquez, Wellington, Lukau and Diego Renan; Geovane, Giva, Lourenço and Gabriel Osvaldo and Rodrigo Rodriguez.

20:02 2 hours ago

King Yellow Stadium

A. King Yellow Stadium There is a stadium in Alagoas that is used CRB And fur CSA. The venue was built in 1970 and has a maximum capacity of 19,105 spectators.

19: 572 hours ago

step back

19: 522 hours ago

The last match between the teams

The last time the teams were face to face. Serie A. Of Brazil. A. Guild The last match in 2019 was won 2-1.

19: 473 hours ago

GRIMIO’s last game

Last game of Guild Was compared to Sampaio KoreaFor the 13th round Brazilian Serie BOn Irina du GremioWho finished second to Trica Gaucho.

19: 423 hours ago


A. Guild Fourth with 21 points. Tricolor Gaucho has the same idea to stay in G4 to go back to Serie A.

19: 373 hours ago

CSA’s last game

Last game of CSA Went against گارانیI Golden Erring StadiumFor the 13th round Brazilian Serie B Championship. The match ended in a 0-0 draw.

19: 323 hours ago


A. CSA I am 16th. Serie BWith 14 points. Azulão wants to distance himself from the religion zone and away from nightmares. C series.

19: 273 hours ago

Different moments

19:22 3 hours ago

Hello fans!

Welcome to the game and welcome CSA And Guild. From 21:30 (Brasilia time), for the 14th round of the ball Brazilian Championship Serie B 2022


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