CSA x Grêmio: See where to look, lineup, cheating and referencing Brazil Series B

CSA and Grêmio are currently on different shelves in the Série B rankings and are trying to improve their performance this Thursday night at Maceió. Each within its own purpose. The 14th round game is scheduled at 21:30 (Brazil time) at the Replay Stadium.

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CSA is struggling to move away from the relegation zone. Today, it is 16th in Serie B with 14 points, and came from a draw away from home. This was particularly due to the volatile campaign when the board changed coaches last week. Tonight, Alberto Valentim is leading the team for the second time, the first time in Rei Pelé, and expect a good performance.

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Grêmio is excited to jump into the G-4 with the results of the last round. Sampaio Corrêa won and drew between Sport and Naútico and took the place. The goal is to stay away from home to stay in the access group.

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CSA – Coach: Alberto Valentim

On Sunday, Alberto made his CSA debut with a goalless draw against Guarani. He liked the performance and since he didn’t lose any holders, he should repeat the lineup.

He wants a safe team on the field and is betting on four players in between, including two defensive midfielders and two midfielders. In this formation, Gabriel is no longer the second midfielder to make the team clear. The current low midfielder is Dedera, who received a third yellow card and lacks a CSA bench.

Possible lineup: Marcelo Corn Lucas Marquez, Wellington, Lukau and Diego Renan; Geovane, Giva, Lourenço and Gabriel Osvaldo and Rodrigo Rodriguez.

Who’s out: Dedera (suspended), Clayton (knee), Cedric (knee), Ernads (knee) and Gabriel Tony (publgia).

Hanging: Giovanni, Marco Tolio and Wellington

Possible CSA lineup against Grêmio – Photo: ge

Graeme – Coach: Roger Machado

The coach does not have some preliminary names for the match. Brino, Caniman and Edelson continue to have muscle problems, while Argentine defenders Valanti and Rodriguez have flu-like symptoms. Roger will maintain the formation with three guards and bet on speed to equip Diego Souza.

Possible configuration: Gabriel Grando; Natã, Geromel and Bruno Alves Rodrigo Ferreira, Lucas Silva, Battello and Nicolas (Diego Barbosa); Genderson, Baile and Diego Souza.

Possible Grammy against CSA – Photo: ge

Who’s out: Brenno, Kannemann, Léo Gomes, Edilson, Elkeson (muscle injuries), Villasanti and Rodrigues (flu-like symptoms), Thiago Santos (cnee bloo), Benítez (knee injury), Ferreira (inguinal hernia).

Hanging: Rodrigues, Benitez, Villasanti, Elias and Janderson

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  • Referee: Ramon Abatable (SC)
  • Assistant 1: Cliber Lucio Gull (SC)
  • Assistant 2: Eder Alexander (SC)
  • Video Referee: Rodrigo D’Alonso Ferreira (SC)
  • AVAR: Johnny Barros de Oliveira (SC)

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