DF Health Network receives medication to treat Covid 19.

Posted 06/22/2022 13:59

This drug is used to counteract the inflammatory effects of COD-19 – (Credit: Minervino Júnior / CB / DAPress)

This Tuesday (21/6), the Federal District Public Network Hospitals received a batch of 3,870 tablets of the first drug approved for the treatment of Covid-19 in the Unified Health System (SUS). Obtained by the Ministry of Health, Barictinib will be used to treat adult patients in the “middle” stage of the disease. This means that patients who are conscious, without any additional complications, but who need oxygen help, can take the medicine. Treatment includes one pill a day for two weeks or until discharge.

According to Assistant Secretary of Healthcare, Luciano Agresi, the goal is to improve the patient’s recovery, reduce hospital admissions and reduce the need for ICU beds. The batch was sent to regional hospitals in Asa Norte, Guevara, Tagotenga, Symbia, Selandia, Brasilia, Gamma, Planlatina, Sobradino and Paranoia, and there will be no distribution in pharmacies as a precautionary treatment or for mild cases.

Infectious Diseases Levia Vanessa Ribeiro, Secretary of Health’s Covid-19 Technical Chamber Coordinator, explains that Baricitinib works to prevent inflammatory conditions from getting worse. According to him, in patients who need extra oxygen, whether through catheters or masks, the drug may work to reduce inflammatory activity, as well as the need for mechanical ventilation or even evolution to death.


The drug has already been used in the Unified Health System to treat rheumatoid arthritis and atopic dermatitis, and in early April it was used by the National Commission for the Corporation of Technologies in the Unified Health System (KNOTIC) for treatment. Was approved Other drugs such as corticosteroids and anticoagulants are already being used to treat the disease.

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