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Music is indispensable during parties and celebrations, but there is no point in worrying that the music is good, it is important that the audio playback device is also of good quality. One of the best choices for these moments is the speaker, which is cheap and easy to handle.

If you are looking for the right device to pack your party, take advantage of its offers. Amazon. This week the company is offering discounts on on-site speakers. check this out!

Bomber sound box

The portable box has good sound quality and Bluetooth connection, auxiliary, microphone and musical instruments. In addition, the box has LEDs that light up to the music, which is perfect for parties and family barbecues.

Bomber sound box

Boogie Speaker 600 Portable Woofer 15 Pool Bluetooth with 18 Watt RMS – BOMBER

BRL 467

Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Sabala

The device offers high quality sound, full bass, deep and complete, as well as maximum portability, as it is designed to keep any environment alive. This box is capable of emitting 9 colors of lights while playing music, to create a vibrant party atmosphere.

Sabala sound box

SABALA DR-205 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio 360 ° High Fidelity Light …

BRL 369

Mondel amplified box

The device has powerful and high quality sound. The Mondel soundbox includes Bluetooth, USB, SD, AUX connections, as well as input for microphones and musical instruments, such as keyboards, guitars and guitars. The device has digital tuning with FM radio and bright color lights, which can bring any party to life.

Mondel sound box

Multi Connect Thunder X Extreme Amplified Box, 160W, BioVolt, Mondel – MCO-10.

BRL 506

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