Discover 5 series that describe historical events.

Discover 5 series that describe historical events.

Some TV series are great opportunities to learn some of the historical facts of our time. In the catalog of streaming platforms, there are many standard narratives that try to shed some light on an incident that occurred and it was subject to two questions: either it was forgotten, or it was distorted. Was recalled from

And look, here we are not talking about a documentary series – like Real crimeHow Elise Mitsunga: Once a crimeOr that center on weird stories, like Tiger Mafia., Both are available on Netflix. I mention here the people who create dramas (actors, scenes, set scripts and everything else that the fiction universe commands) to describe the realities of the past.

This series does not always work for the mere speculation of the curious, that is, to fulfill our hidden joy of “peeking” into the lives of others. It can also be said that when done well, such plots, with the help of historical distance, allow us to become more aware of something important that has come to light and the significance of which may not even be known at this time. Was gone

So let’s take a look at some of the good hints of the series in this way that you can enjoy watching now and of course get acquainted with.

5. The story of American crime

(Source: FX)(Source: FX)Source: FX

Within this field, the franchise The story of American crimeFrom the FX channel, there is a separate chapter. This is because its dramatic quality is much higher than average. The three seasons of this anthology series, without fear of mistakes, were flawless.

First of all, People v. OJ SimpsonSince 2016, the series chronicles a major event in recent American history: the crime committed by American footballer OJ Simpson, who is a real hero of the country (imagine him as yellow from there) and his Persecution and trial resulting from It was a remarkable event for the American media as everything was seen on television: from OJ’s escape in his car to his famous trial, which always referred to a spectacle – such as The audience is watching a movie.

In the second season, another hit. Assassination of Gianni Versace, 2018, the death of the famous Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace Serial killer Says Andrew Canaan. The story is less about hunting and more about the social aspect of everything involved in crime – such as the homosexual scenario and Canaanite personal history, which helps to understand that a boy like him is capable of such cruelty. How was

Finally, in the 2020 season Accusation An impressive American political case was brought to light by then-President Bill Clinton, who was accused of harassing several women – including Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern.

Those who followed this story through the media in 1996 remember that this fact was everywhere in the press agenda in Brazil as well. Because of this, there was a whole political conspiracy between Clinton and her enemies behind the alleged concern for women. in this sense, The story of American crime They seem to do justice to the real victims, people like Monica, who were used as a kind of “old bull”. Accusation At the cost of the president’s own life.

4. Crown

(Source: Netflix)(Source: Netflix)Source: Netflix

The English monarchy is fascinating to people all over the world. We are all interested to know, whether it is a secret or not, to know what life was like for those who, by God’s will, were “ordained” to be part of a country’s elite.

In the case of the British monarchy, we have a story in this Netflix plot that was heard and retold by the sensational press for modern times – just remember Charles and Diana’s apothecary wedding in 1981 and the subsequent “soap opera” ” Betrayal of the so-called “princess of the people”.

Crown It began in 2016 with the story of the life of Princess Elizabeth, daughter of King George VI, who took the crown in 1952 at the age of 25. Over the next three seasons, we see the revelation of his political and family life, which is surrounded by ups and downs. Ups and downs, but always destined to restore the kingdom. The fifth season of Crown.

3. Narcos

(Source: Netflix)(Source: Netflix)Source: Netflix

NarcosFrom Netflix, the history of the powerful drug cartels in Colombia and their power during the 1980s and the threat to the United States. The so-called Madeleine Cartel – a network that recruited drug traffickers from countries such as Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Honduras and the United States – lived between 1972 and 1993 and expanded its influence in politics.

Narcos The Drug Enforcement Administration adopts a US approach, focusing on two agents of the US Drug Control Agency. Colombia’s historic construction is currently in the news. Of course, the highlight is the performance of Brazilian Wagner Mora as Pablo Escobar, the most famous and powerful drug dealer in Colombia (probably in the world).

give Palm and Tommy

(Source: Hulu)(Source: Hulu)Source: Holo

I Palm and Tommy, Distributed from the Hulu channel and on Star +, we see another story about the effects of the thrilling press. We remember the incident here which involved model Pamela Anderson, then an American star because of the series Without watchAnd her husband, Tommy Lee, from the band Mötley Crüe: They suffered theft. Sex tape Recorded by both and had to deal with a huge proportion of scandals.

By recreating a case that surfaced in the 1990’s, when the Internet was still in its infancy.Palm & Tommy It also deals with the evolution of digital technology and how it influenced the notions of privacy and privacy at a time when we did not yet know how to deal with it – if we know it today.

1. Chernobyl

(Source: HBO Max)(Source: HBO Max)Source: HBO Max

ChernobylHBO Max mentions one of the greatest human tragedies ever to occur: the 1986 explosion of a nuclear power plant in the Ukrainian city of Chernobyl. The aftermath of the blast and the countless people whose lives were later affected.

Focusing on the three main characters – scientist Valery Legasov, physicist Allana Khomeyuk and Minister Boris Sherbina – the series manages to shed light on how the Soviet context contributed to the attempt to “cover up” the nuclear disaster. , Which made this tragedy even worse. More serious.

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