Discover the most popular brands in the Brazilian gaming community.

The Game Brazil 2022 Survey (PGB 2022), a comprehensive annual survey of the consumption of electronic games in the country, reveals the panel of “Brands of the Heart”, which has been updated according to the 9th edition of the study. Through an analysis of more than 280 brands from 19 different sectors, the ranking measures are to determine which companies, products and services are popular and used by different segments in the country through the electronic game audience.

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“The purpose of the panel is to understand the market relevance of a particular brand to its own segment and its relationship with video game players.” How they are the most popular and at the same time, the most used by the gaming masses in Brazil.

Developed by Sioux Group and Go Gamers in partnership with Blend New Research and ESPM, PGB 2022 shows that 74.5% of the Brazilian population plays some form of sport, the highest since the study began. Is a historical landmark. In addition to playing games, the Brazilian gamer audience has a constant use attitude, even more so when considering that 78.6% have a credit card and 71.8% invest in various sectors, such as savings. (36.3%), fixed income (21.5%) and cryptocurrencies (17%), according to the 9th edition of the survey.

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“PGB panels follow a number of movements in the gaming market in Brazil, such as the stabilization of smartphones, the rise of women, the evolution of eSports, the stabilization of free-to-play games as a driving force to reach new audiences, among others. Trends. In this new reading, we capture players’ relationships with cryptocurrencies and also learn about the effects of Metavers and the game in general, “Silva added.


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It is noteworthy that in Brazil, the age group of athletes is balanced, with the majority of the population being between the ages of 20 and 24 (25.5%). Then, young people aged 16 to 19 represent 17.7%. People aged 25 to 29 represent 13.6%. People aged 30 to 34 represent 12.9 per cent and those aged 35 to 39 represent 11.2 per cent.

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In terms of social class, PGB 2022 shows that the majority of the population is from the middle class (B2, C1 and C2), with 62.7%, while Class A people represent 13.5%, which is higher. Beyond the middle class. (B1) with 12.3%; And 11.6% with pyramid base (classes D and E). Regarding the average family income of athletes, the majority (29.1%) declares it to be between R $ 2,090.01 to R $ 4,180, provided by those who receive up to R $ 2,090 (27.5%). People with an income of R $ 4,180.01 to R $ 10,450 are 26.7%.

Below are some of the most popular and used brands used by electronic game audiences in Brazil. In PGB 2022, the difference between delicious and sweet snacks is new, in addition to the means of payment, coffee, beer, alcoholic beverages, food services, clothing and apparel stores.


سے The most famous brand: Nubank (82.2%)

Most used brand: Nubank (55.4%)

credit card

مشہور The most famous brand: MasterCard (90.2%)

Most used brand: MasterCard (77.1%)

Methods of payment

مشہور The most famous brand: PicPay (84.1%)

Most used brand: PayPal (65.8%)


مشہور The most famous brand: VIVO (83.1%)

Most used brand: VIVO (44.9%)

Soft drinks

مشہور The most famous brand: Coca-Cola (93.9%)

Most used brand: Coca-Cola (81.7%)


مشہور The most famous brand: Red Bull (92.0%)

Most used brand: Red Bull (70.0%)


مشہور Most Famous Brand: 3 Corações (82.0%)

Most used brand: 3 Corações (56.8%)


مشہور The most famous brand: Brahma (84.1%)

Most used brand: Heineken (56.1%)

Alcoholic beverages

مشہور The most famous brand: Johnny Walker (65.6%)

Most used brand: Smirnov (45.2%)

Salty snacks

مشہور The most famous brand: Doritos (76.2%)

Most used brand: Doritos (56.5%)

Sweet snacks

مشہور The most famous brand: BIS (76.7%)

Most used brand: BIS (65.0%)

Food service

مشہور The most famous brand: McDonald’s (80.8%)

Most used brand: McDonald’s (64.3%)

Food Delivery Apps

مشہور The most famous brand: iFood (90.4%)

Most used brand: iFood (84.9%)

Transportation apps

مشہور The most famous brand: Uber (93.4%)

Most used brand: Uber (83.8%)


مشہور The most famous brand: O Boticário (87.8%)

Most used brand: O Boticário (71.2%)

Clothing stores

مشہور The most famous brand: Riachuelo (83.3%)

Most used brand: Rainer (56.7%)


مشہور The most famous brand: Nike (87.5%)

Most used brand: Nike (62.3%)


مشہور The most famous brand: Nike (79.6%)

Most used brand: Nike (57.8%)


مشہور The most famous brand: FIAT (84.1%)

Most used brand: Chevrolet (24.5%)

In terms of home video game brands, PGB 2022 shows that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the most popular console, accounting for 34.1% of Brazil’s gamers, followed by Microsoft’s Xbox 360, which has 24.3% players in Brazil. Is present in the house. The preferred platform for playing electronic games in the country is smartphone, with 48.3% preference, followed by computers, 23.3% (in combination of desktops and notebooks) and home consoles, with 20%. Access PGB official website For more information and to download the free version of the study.

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A reference to the study of consumption habits of Brazilian gamers has been available since the Game Brazil Survey (PGB) 2013, and was developed by Sioux Group and Go Gamers in partnership with Blend New Research and ESPM. All research has been developed with proprietary questionnaires with extensive coverage and titles covering the gaming public and its entire ecosystem, in key countries such as Brazil and Latin America – Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. Go Gamers is a business entity responsible for the development, production and publication of annual research within government channels. PGB And Go gamers.


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