Diverson blasted Creek NATO in a podcast: ‘Where did you play?’

Diverson, a former Palmyra striker, did not save the words and pinned them. Grandson PresenterThe idol of the Corinthians. Podcast from the Desimpedidos channel ‘Fala, Brasólho!’ In an interview with, Deyverson recalled the title goal for Palmeiras and the passage of Europe to criticize the former player.

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– What did he (NATO) get? Everyone understands who I am talking about. Who scored I can’t be ace, but for God’s sake, right? I scored for Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey final. I scored the Libertadores title (2021 for Palmeiras) in Brasileirão 2018.

Dewarson continued to vent his anger and criticized NATO’s stance on the band’s own show “Os Donos da Bola”:

– He is saying on television that he is the idol of everything for the sake of God. The idol of something. Where did you play Beta (…) Put the ball down and talk less, look at your past so you can talk about others – he concluded.

Last month, in a unanimous decision, striker Dwerson was released from activity by the Palmyra along with the rest of the squad. Although the link with Verdão was valid until June 30, the player left the club on the 25th.

In his farewell speech, Dewerson paid tribute to Palmyra in CT: ‘I’m leaving here as a Palmyrans’

Speed ​​in Palmeiras

Diverson arrived in Palmyra in 2017, after working with teams from Portugal, Germany and Spain, with the reputation of shaking the net of Real Madrid-ESP and Barcelona-ESP for Alavés-ESP. The player had already entered Verdão’s history when he scored the goal that sealed Brazil’s tenth championship victory in 2018, a 1-0 victory over Vasco da Gama, but it And it was against the team that the striker was marked. For eternity

Wearing Shirt 9 at Libertadores-2021, Dewerson was the author of One of the Most Important Purposes of Palestinian Life. It was already overtime when he replaced Rafael Vega in the big decision of the South American tournament against Flamingo in Uruguay, but it didn’t take long for him to shine.

Four minutes later, the forward took advantage of Andreas Pereira’s failure to steal the ball and confront goalkeeper Diego Elvis. Quietly, he twisted his body and threw the ball into the back of the net, breaking the tie to give Verdo a 2-1 victory.

Diverson finished his time in Palmyra as the team’s third top scorer in the Brazilian Championship straight points round with 25 goals.

The club had a total of 144 games, 31 goals, 10 assists and four titles. In addition to Brazilian 2018 and Libertadores 2021, the striker has won both Campeonato Plasta and Recopa Sil-Americana this season.


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