Do hasty people still want the Turkish, Atlantic coach to be fired? – Jaeci Carvalho

Atletico defeated Flamingo in Maniro for the Brazilian Championship, and won the classic with a 2-0 lead from goals from Nacho and Adimer.

Atletico and Flamengo have switched keys and faced each other tonight, in Mineiro, this time for the Copa do Brasil, a ڈالر 1 million contest that pays the champion more than R $ 70 million. If Gallo plays like Sunday, in what I consider to be an almost perfect match, the chances of a Kirioka team are nil. Minas Gerais’ team did not allow Flamengo to play and did not react. He scored well, overpowered the opponent and threw two balls into the net, which is the most important thing. Looked like a boxer on red and black ropes, had no idea what was going on. He did not have the slightest reaction ability, considering that Everson had saved only two at the start of the game. Then he was a privileged spectator.
Knockout stop today. One-way play at Casa du Gallo. The return, on July 13, in Maracan, is to remember: 13 Galo! Today’s flamingo doesn’t scare even second-rate opponents. A team without body and soul, living on the achievements of 2019, when it was released in Brazil, and the Brazilian of 2020, when it was crowned the eighth champion in the combination of two-time champion, consecutive, and the title. ۔ Since then, decisions have been frustrating and embarrassing. Against Atletico, then, Flamengo became a regular customer. He can’t win, and when he does win, like last year’s Brazilian, in the Maracan گ game, he doesn’t fight without convincing.
Gallo, on the other hand, has been described by critics as a different team from last year with “poor defense”. They are quick to applaud the victory and throw everything in the trash in the necklace. I still think Gallo is one of the regulars and one of the two most reliable teams in the country. The other is Palmeiras. Both have everything to compete and share the cup, as long as Atletico have the maturity and regularity they had on Sunday. If it goes wrong tonight, it could all go down the drain. Yes, football is unpredictable, but usually the best team wins. as usually! No rule.

Turkey Muhammad was on the hot seat and not good. Now I’m a big player, in the eyes of those who analyze the game through the game. Won, the best. Lost, to no avail. He is neither Coca-Cola nor Tel Santana, only Antonio Mohamed, a good coach who knows Brazilian football closely, who was hired after a full interview with Rodrigo Catano, which he does. So much so that the manager who makes it a bank role. Had it not been for that, the Turks would have fallen by now. And, for us, there is no standard trainer available in the market. Replacing the truck, even if the roster of the Copa do is dropped from Brazil, would be a catastrophe and would indicate that the year is over. He is a good coach, having only six months to work. Crowds of miners, again. If Gallo plays as he did on Sunday, I have no doubt he will be able to repeat the score and practically guarantee himself in the next round of the Copa do Brazil. You can’t underestimate the opponent, because Flamingo has the power where he doesn’t have, and he can turn the game around. “Lightning does not strike twice in one place,” he says. However, if Atltico wins, and 2 to 0, it will fall again in Mineiro. Watch and Wait.


So in the 45th minute of the second half, Paulo defeated Palmyra. It’s time to dump her and move on. Fans who love the team called him “shameless.” What a passionate fan! The team with multiple absences, who played more than Palmyra in both halves, but conceded two goals in five minutes, is not without shame. It’s a match emergency and it’s worth remembering that I was facing the best team in the country. Defeat, therefore, is no shame! Rogrio Sini does a good job, without the standard human stuff that Paulo has always had.

“Play 3”

If Cruzeiro doesn’t need a thing yet, let it be, it’s a stadium. Menero, or “Toka 3”, as fans call it, is surprisingly meeting the needs of the blue team. Always crowded, getting a huge audience, this has been the stage of getting rid of the blue. There is no doubt that Cruzeiro will go up. With 31 points, 25 games remaining, more and more. For the average of the last five years, there are 31 points left to return to the elite. So forget the studio, even if it’s free. Focus on the field, the win and the return to the First Division. Once organized and in the midst of his peers, yes, Cruzeiro can think of something for himself. For now, the Toca 3 is home to the Blue Team.

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