Does FIFA’s commitment change Alonso’s situation in the Atlantic? The director responds.

Photo: Pedro Souza / Atletico

Junior Alonso was sold for $ 47 million and Gallo returned the loan

The war between Russia and Ukraine is affecting football clubs in both countries. This Tuesday, FIFA decided that foreign players and coaches working in both countries would have the right to suspend their contracts until June 30, 2023. Atletico are keeping a close eye on this, as defensive junior Alonso is on loan to the Alonso club until the end of the year. .

According to the FIFA notice, “the Council extends the temporary employment rules set out in the Athletes’ Status and Transfer Regulations (RSTP) in order to effectively assist war-affected players, clubs and coaches in Ukraine. What is the decision? “

According to a document released by FIFA, clubs in the two warring nations have until June 30 this year to sign players and coaches. If not, employment contracts will be suspended.

That way, players who are on loan from Russian and Ukrainian clubs to teams from other countries will be able to stay longer at their current clubs (of course, this depends on negotiation and acceptance by both parties).

But could the new rule help keep Atletico Jr. Alonso out for a while? “If there is a possibility, they will try to keep the defender,” football director Rodrigo Catano told Supersports. However, he said Alonso’s situation was different, as the defender’s contract with the Russian club had not been suspended.

“We only managed to bring Alonso back because we talked to Krasnodar. We will try if given the chance, but that was not the case and FIFA’s commitment will not be enforced. And lending to the club. Dunya – Alonso is not on a suspended contract with him (Krasnodar), “the manager added.

“Right now, nothing has changed in Alonso’s situation.”

In January this year, the Paraguayan defender was sold to Russia’s Krasnodar for about R $ 47 million. Alonso, however, has not officially made his debut for the new club. War between Russia and Ukraine disrupted the local football championship.

Atletico took advantage of the ‘market opportunity’ and kept Alonso on loan until the end of the year. The Alonero Club, however, did not rely on the defender to stay until 2023.

In all, Junior Alonso has played 109 games for Atltico. The defender, who has scored two goals for the club, has won five titles: three state titles (2020, 2021 and 2022), Campeonato Brasileiro (2021) and Copa du Brazil (2021).

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