Does Palmyra have a rival in Brazil? Opinions of UOL columnists

Palmeiras beat Sao Paulo 2-1, 20-1, in the middle of Mormbe last night, and reached 19 games without knowing what it was like to lose the season. In 2022, 41 matches have already been played, with 30 wins, eight draws and just three hits – a gain of almost 80%.

Faced with the great stage of Alviverde, the isolated leader of Brasileirão, we summoned the columnists. UOL Sport To comment on the following topic: Does Palmyra have a rival in Brazil? Check out the answers:

This is the best team in the country today. Single with consistently good performance and results. Not surprisingly, after all, he works from base to professional with order and conscious investment. Which doesn’t mean it can’t be defeated, after all, that’s the beauty of football: the weakest can beat the strongest.
Alicia Clean

Palmyra had one day for Germany and one day for Real Madrid in the last two rounds. Make a 3 point advantage for the Corinthians (and a good goal difference) and make 7 points for second, third and fourth place. With this, he will be able to perform at his best in knockout matches and handle fat in Brasileirão. The situation at Alviverde is promising, but much remains to be done.
Amara Maira

At the moment, it doesn’t look like it has any rivals, both in running points and in 180 minutes of knockout games. The ability to compete regularly is very high. The big question is about the body part, as the contingent undergoes preparation for global strengthening, and the peak, which appears in June, usually peaks in October / November. The “antidote” can be those who are hired, provide oxygen to the group and a cycle of goodness that feeds the mentally exhausted legs.
Andre Rocha

The rivals of Flamengo, Atlético-MG and São Paulo are the ones who create the most difficulties, despite not all being candidates for the title. In addition, Palmeiras have already lost points to Ceará, Goiás and Fluminense, for example. There is no clear domain. Not to mention the structural issues of Brazilian football that most affect teams in the spotlight, such as the ridiculous calendar that leads to injury and / or call-ups on FIFA history.
Danilo Laveri

Maybe I’ll have a rooster again. Probably?
جوکا کفوری۔

Yes, there are opponents of Palmyra. Brazilian football has shown us many times that it is difficult to turn the best work into dominance. For example, bad timing and poor referee balance are two factors. Nor are we talking about the best cast in the galaxy. Palmyra Fit, squad / coach / stadium “Combo”, which is doing well at the moment. This makes it difficult to beat him in running points (marathons), but he is unbeatable in one or two games – that is, his opponents (and many more) are knocked out.
Julio Gomez

He is the favorite to beat Brazil, but he also has opponents. You see, after 13 rounds, they are just three points ahead of Corinthians.

Today, that doesn’t happen. He is technically, physically, emotionally and strategically far ahead of the rest. He entered the dimension of magic, of magic, of making the impossible possible. I think it can now be officially called the third academy.

Not at this time! But, if the Dorywall get ready in Fla and Gallo gets a more competitive coach, everything could change. But, I insist: at the moment, Palmyras are the favorites to win the quadruple crown (Paulista, Brasileiro, Copa do Brasil and Libertadores). Oh, and Real Madrid beware …
Milton News

Due to the strength of the game he created, Palmeiras are stronger than any of their rivals in the country today. But Brazil has a rival, yes. So much so that he defeated Sao Paulo this Monday (20).

Numbers at the moment but the team will hardly maintain this unbeaten record and this excellent performance. We will now have knockout games for Libertadores and Copa do Brasil, a heavy sequence. Able will need to save some players to avoid the risk of injury. And one hour the team will lose. But, today, Palmeiras Brasileirão, Libertadores and Copa do Brasil are undoubtedly the biggest favorites to win.
Rodolfo Rodriguez

Not currently. That doesn’t mean he can’t be defeated or lose one of the titles he’s craving. This means that no one referred to the performance of the team.
Rodrigo Coutinho

Palmeiras is the best team in the country and continent and, with undeniable qualities, is a favorite for all titles, but it is unbeatable, for example, Bayern and PSG, in Germany and France, respectively. In 2021, Palmeiras was also the leader with the highest score at present and did not even play with Galo for the national title: Long live the memory!
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