Doyle Launches Brazilian Football Championship in Northern Territory – 05/06/2022

Doyle Launches Brazilian Football Championship in Northern Territory – 05/06/2022

After a long wait American football Brazil is back. This week, at 3 pm (Brazil time), Manaus FA and Porto Velho Miners are playing the first game of the tournament at the Carlos Zamith Stadium in the Amazonas capital. The tournament is hosted by the Brazilian Confederation of American Football (CBFA) and will resume after a two-year hiatus due to the Cove 19 epidemic.

And for the first time, two teams from the northern part of Brazil will do it.Kick offBrasileirão. Face-to-face, Group N’s favorite, Manaus, will take the field against debutant Mainz, Rondônia’s first team to become part of the national football elite.

In order to perform well this season, Manus FA invested heavily in reinforcements. Both from the new players and their coaching staff and they hope to win rewards with a good campaign in Brasileirao. The team’s manager, Rainer Silva, described the expectations for the team as “good” and said the team would progress as the competition progressed, despite differences across regions. “We did a good job of homework and now we’re starting to bear fruit,” Rainer said.

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Founded in 2014, Porto Velho Miners reached the elite for the first time with high hopes. The team’s coach, Macon Ficuri, says that two years ago it was almost impossible for a team from Rondonia to imagine a disagreement over the Brazilian football championship. Even with an inexperienced squad, Fakori believes that good team preparation, which began in February, can help his team face tough opponents. The team’s strategy for debuting against Manaus is to reduce the margin of error. “We know that the Manaus team is the reigning champions of the North and is strengthening itself with players inside and outside the Amazon. The outcome of the game will be the result of this presentation,” the coach said.


Manaus FA and Porto Velho Miners are in Group N of the Brasileirão de Futebol Americano with Manaus Cavaliers. The three teams will play each other in the group stage and the best campaign will automatically reach the Brasileirão playoffs. In addition to Group N, three more groups form D1, the elite division of the Brasileirão de FA:

Group A – Corinthians Stemrollers (SP), Cruzeiro FA (MG), Flamengo Imperadores (RJ), Galo FA (MG) and Tritões FA (ES);

Group B – Brown Spiders (PR), Coritiba Crocodiles (PR), Guarulhos Rhynos (SP), Paraná HP (PR), Santos Tsunami (SP) and Spartans Football (SP);

Group C – Campo Grande Predadaurus (MS), Gamma Lewis de Juda (DF), Guiana Rednex (GO), Mora Lesserda Dragons (SP), Rev. Preeto Valers (SP) and Rondonopoulos Hawks (MT).

Each team will play four games in the group stage (two indoors, two outdoors), with the exception of Group N, in which the dispute will be in a triangular format. The team with the best record in Group N and the eight best teams in the other three groups reach the playoffs.

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Another 20 teams compete in the so-called D2, and the champion of this division will have the right to play in the playoffs with the teams ranked in D1. Therefore, 40 teams have the opportunity to fight for the title of Brazilian American Football Champion in the 2022 season.

To reach the playoffs, there will be only ten teams trying to play in the Brazil Bowl XI and win the Brazilian football title. D1’s top five teams and Group N’s best campaign team advance straight to the quarterfinals. In addition to the D2 champion, the teams that finish between the sixth and eighth positions play the repetition phase, which is called. Wild card.

Data sheet:

– Manaus FAX Porto Velho Miners – Brazilian Football Championship

– Date: 05/07/2022

– Location: Carlos Zemeth Stadium

– Time: 2 pm (familiar time) / 3 pm (Brasilia time)

– Broadcast: Manus Sports TV YouTube Channel

Refereeing for the match:

Referee – Paulo Ronaldo dos Santos Jr.

Umpire – Nathaniel Ryan de Mora Freyers

Headline man – Samuel da Silva de Paula

Line Judge – Danilo Mellon Montero

Side Judge – Jonathan da Silva Bastos

Field Judge – Anna Carolina Santos Silva

Back Judge – Thiago Henrique Maya

Match Delegate:

Joao Henrique Rodrigues Vasco

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