Draft 2022 – Meet new NBA players.

A. Jumper Brazil Provides full coverage of Draft 2022 and, this Thursday (23), you will meet new NBA players. In addition, you, dear readers, can still follow. Alive About recruiting the best basketball in the world.

First round

1- Orlando Magic chooses forward. Paolo Benchiro
2. The Oklahoma City Thunder took the lead. Chat Holmgreen
3- Select Houston Rockets Forward. Jabari Smith
4- Sacramento Kings select Forward. Keegan Murray
5- Detroit Pistons selected the guard. Jaden Ivy
6- Indiana Pacers: Select the winger. Benedict Maturen
7- Portland Trail Blazer Selected Guard Shaden Sharp
8- New Orleans Pelicans Point Guard Dyson Daniels
9- Select San Antonio Spurs Forward. Jeremy thinks
10. Washington Wizards the Point Guards Johnny Davis
11. The New York Knicks chose Winger. Osman Deng (Converted to Thunder)
12- Oklahoma City Thunder selected winger Jillian Williams
13- Charlotte Hornets Select Center Jillian Dorn (Converted to piston)
14. The Cleveland Cavaliers choose the guard. Height Agabji
15. Charlotte Hornets Select Center Mark Williams
16. The Atlanta Hawks select Forward. AJ Griffin
17- Houston Rockets:
18- Chicago Bulls:
19- Minnesota Timber Wolves:
20- San Antonio Espresso:
21- Denver Nuggets:
22- Memphis Grizzlies:
23- Philadelphia 76ers:
24- Milwaukee Box:
25. San Antonio Spurs:
26- Houston Rockets:
27- Miami Hat:
28- Golden State Warriors:
29. The Memphis Grizzlies:
30- The Denver Nuggets:

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The second round

31- Indiana Pacers:
32- Orlando Magic:
33- Toronto Raptors:
34- Oklahoma City Thunder:
35- Los Angeles Lakers:
36- Detroit Pistons:
37. The Sacramento Kings:
38- San Antonio Spurs:
39- Cleveland Cavaliers:
40- Minnesota Timber Wolves:
41. New Orleans Pelicans:
42- New York Knox:
43- Los Angeles Clippers:
44- Atlanta Hawks:
45- Charlotte Hornets:
46- Portland Trail Blazer:
47- The Memphis Grizzlies:
48- Minnesota Timber Wolves:
49- Cleveland Cavaliers:
50- Minnesota Timber Wolves:
51- Golden State Warriors:
52. New Orleans Pelicans:
53- Boston Celtics:
54. Washington Wizards:
55- Golden State Warriors:
56- Cleveland Cavaliers:
57- The Portland Trail Blazer:
58- Indiana Pacers:

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