Draft: Absent beginnings are very expensive for saints.

Draft: Absent beginnings are very expensive for saints.

On New Year’s Eve, New Orleans Saints fans were calling for a good draft. After a significant departure and seeing his squad lose key pieces, it was important to use the recruitment to create the hope that 2022 could be better. Even if the franchise decides that the time has not yet come to select a new franchise quarterback – possibly the most important step in this reconstruction – it is still possible to make a generous choice that will enable real passers-by. Started preparing roster to come along.

Well, it was weak. The Saints failed to maximize the value of their selection, spent a fortune to advance to the competition, and dropped the draft with the feeling that they were still a long way from becoming a competitive team. The hope that was to come was actually discouraging.

Error in the beginning

When the Saints got a fair trade with the Philadelphia Eagles to secure their position with a two-afternoon pick, we applauded. Spending money on trying to get better athletes makes sense, including the possible choice of a new quarterback, which may be a good bet at the moment.

Even if New Orleans chooses to rely on James Winston for 2022, however, the team can still make strong choices in the first round. Enough to focus on the squad’s biggest needs – offensive line, safety and wide receiver. Well, at the moment you, my reader friends, are thinking: “But that’s what they did!” Yes, just the wrong way.

As in the Formula 1 race, the Saints started badly and damaged the rest of the race. Don’t get me wrong, Team Louisiana fans, Chris Olive There are tools for Michael Thomas to be the best partner – if he can stay on the field, of course – but choosing him was a double whammy. In addition to better options that would lead him to the team’s original selection (# 16), such as Trailene Bricks, he chose two mid-drafts to trade with the Washington commanders. This may seem like a bit of a stretch, but for a team undergoing reform, it’s the difference that improves their circulation and creates key future holders.

Not worth it. A bad decision that overshadowed the rest of the team’s recruitment.

Otherwise, a little shine.

As was clear before the draft, the offensive line was a necessity that needed to be addressed as Taron Armstrong left the team. he said, Trevor Penning It was a good choice because it has the standard of being a safety left tackle from Week 1, which has the potential to work hard to become a major franchise for a long time.

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