Dremond Green counters commentator after Warriors rating: “He’s an Ogre”

Dremond Green counters commentator after Warriors rating: “He’s an Ogre”

The Golden State Warriors beat the Memphis Grizzlies this Friday (13) to advance to the Western Conference Finals and end the series 4-2. Dreammond Green then took advantage of the victory to counter the criticism from the observer. Of ESPN, Kendrick Perkins, and it’s called an Ogre. This is because the analyst said that the Warriors star was afraid to shoot during the game. Green did not like the statement.

“I saw someone say I’m scared to shoot a basketball. ‘Frightened’ and I in one sentence? A big ogre on TV is saying that what I’m saying is not true. What I say is true. So, you know, I have to go out sometimes and some guys have to shut up. “

The veteran continued to retaliate against the statement that anyone could do what he did. Completing his answer, he made it clear that he was referring to Kendrick Perkins. “These are the people who work on TV to talk about our game. I want to see you make passes like me. By the way, I played against this guy. I talked about Kendrick Perkins.” I’m doing it for people who don’t know. “

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Similarly, controversial commentator Dremond Green was not silent on being called Ogre. Perkins even recorded a video responding to Warriors Star’s words.

“Hey Dreammond, ‘Ogre’? Is that what you call me? Listen, you’re not beautiful and you’re sure hell isn’t cute. So man, you’re not beautiful, you’re ugly. I mean, at the end of the day, like I said, you weren’t as aggressive as the old Dreammond. Anyway, don’t think I’ll keep quiet or put on make-up. You remember. “

In fact, the green pitch is not its main feature. After all, he established himself as an NBA star, especially in defending his elite and creating for his peers. However, after Game 6’s victory over the Grizzlies, he had the ability to respond to Perkins’ criticism. After all, the forward scored 14 points and ended the night with 14 attempts on field shots, converting six of them.

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