Each game has its own story – Sao Paulo 1 x 0 Palmyra

Each game really has its own story – although its geography was the same as it was on Monday. Even less playing. The start of the week. In the final stage, less football. But that’s enough to do justice to those who want more games. And it was cutting too much and cutting too much.

Rogério Ceni maintained the team and, team, performance. He went further with hunger and determination. Palmeiras, Soking and Blas, could not leave for the game, even in an unusual phase, and with the return of Marcos Rocha and Zee Raphael to qualify for Able’s team (again unbeaten so far led by Joao Martins I). The trio re-released the wings, contacted Igor Gomez and Patrick to speak to Cagliari, and relied on Palmyra’s unfortunate individual and collective performance. With the exception of a beautiful pitch from Marcos Rocha to Veron who arrived late, Palmeiras had no chance in the first leg at 27.

Then, at 30, Patrick was racing the ball, into the body, and into the rage until he shot Wurton, while Palmyra saw only the opponent’s delivery and control. But he did not need to wave the tricolor to guarantee the victory he deserved in the early stages.

In the second half, if he could, Joao would replace almost all Palmyra. Sao Paulo will need to maintain “speed” and speed – something the team has sinned against, as it did at the end of the previous Choque-Rei. The alviverde team returned with the same names. Reversed the sides of Dudu and Veron. But he followed with a few thoughts and a lot of wrongdoing.

Sao Paulo pulled the lines back, faced physical difficulties again, but bet on its strength until the anger subsided at the end of the classic of the past. This time, the lesson seemed to be learned. Even for the journey of a bad opponent. And overcoming names like Nevis, in another good performance.

At 21, Navarro x Veron (21 minutes late), Gabriel Menino x Danilo (on a very sensible trip). Scarpa tried to get down from the sides, but the tricolor defense system was in focus. If he did not make bids again, this time he rarely acknowledged an unrecognized Palmyra. At 30, Bruno Lopez and Wesley replaced Dudu and Rooney.

They did nothing. They won’t do anything in the game that ends boring, with only one chance from Scarpa at the end of the second round, even with the late-running moves after Sini’s 35, Miranda’s entry. For Arbolida (he fell badly), and for Pablo Maya Patrick. Marcos Rocha left in order, all nailed and bowed like Palmyras who had lost 19 unbeaten games.

That was not the game. But it was the team’s victory that really found the game and the goal. And he deserved the result that still leaves everything open. But not a “compliment” to a favorite who rarely plays at home, knowing his fourth defeat in 2022 – the second at Mormbay.


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