Elon Musk will lift the Twitter ban on Trump.

Elon Musk will lift the Twitter ban on Trump.

When Mr. Musk began buying shares of Twitter this year, he began expressing his views on service and free speech, including exchanges with Mr. Dorsey. I MarchMr Musk asked his followers if Twitter was failing to adhere to the principles of free speech.

“Freedom of speech is essential to a functioning democracy. Do you believe that Twitter adheres to this principle?” He asked.

Elsewhere, Mr. Musk asked in surprise, “Need a new platform?”

After Mr Musk signed a deal to buy Twitter last month, he reiterated his free speech stance and said he would privatize the company to improve the service. He added that he hopes to make Twitter technology more transparent, defeat spam bots on the platform and “increase trust by verifying all human beings.” He also said he hopes his worst critics will remain on Twitter, because “that is what freedom of speech means.”

On Tuesday, he became more specific. Mr Musk said “permanent bans should be very rare”, adding that he was “concerned about accounts that are bots or spam” and “where the account has no legal status.”

But he also said that “this does not mean that anyone should say what they want to say.” Mr Musk said he was in favor of suspending the accounts “if they say anything that is illegal or otherwise true, you know, is catastrophic for the world.” He also raised the issue of whether a particular tweet could be “hidden or have a very limited traction.”

In addition to Mr. Trump, others who have been suspended indefinitely for violating Twitter’s policies include celebrities such as Marjorie Taylor Green, Republican of Georgia, far-right figure Mello Ianopoulos, and Tilla Tequila. Includes personalities. Twitter also labels tweets that are in fact incorrect or that could provoke violence.

Inside Twitter on Tuesday, some employees feared that Mr Musk’s changes would end years of work on the company’s policies and open up millions of dollars in content moderation to prevent misuse of the platform. Will give, said four current and former employees. Some said they hoped Mr. Musk would lose interest in the site, while others began contacting recruiters and friends at other tech companies for new opportunities.

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