Employees ‘play’ football and prevent theft in the United States.

Employees ‘play’ football and prevent theft in the United States.

Security cameras captured the robbery in Best Buy.
Security cameras captured the robbery scene in Best Buy.

(Reuters / Andrew Kelly)

  • Employees go viral by stopping shoplifting

  • The thieves were trying to escape with their cell phones when they were stopped by workers.

  • He used a football formation to prevent all three from passing.

A store in the United States has gone viral after employees managed to stop three people from stealing cell phones. However, what caught their eye was that they used a common form of football to stop the thieves.

The case comes in the form of a Best Buy, which specializes in selling electronic devices. As security camera footage shows, the trio carefully approached a table where the smartphones appeared until they started pulling them from the bases. As they ran to the exit, they were surprised by seven workers who were in a defensive position, slightly bent over and ready to grab them with their arms. Watch:

Of course, when it comes to stunning images, it doesn’t take long for the Internet to respond! The “NFL_Memes” page tweeted with the caption: “This great buy defends your favorite NFL team better,” the professional football sports league in the United States.

One user highlighted the performance of the first employee to put himself in front of the thief: “He is trying to show that he is in a good attacking position for the league”, while another estimated: “Well connected … broad base …

Check out some memes:

“You try to get the best bye, but the Avengers get out of you.”

“We can confirm that selected Best Buy stores will hire qualified line bakers.”

“Man Assessed the fact that this is a running game before Snap. There is definitely instinct in this. Get her to work as soon as possible. “

This is not the first time.

In 2019, a Best Buy employee named Summer Tapasa-Staraka went viral while trying to fight a man who was running away with a television under his arm. After several punches and punches, she managed to stop the theft, but was eventually fired for violating the company’s operating policies.

However, impressed by the young woman’s skill in wrestling, UFC President Dana White offered her a job as a security guard.

“He stopped this punk from returning to BestBuy in Hawaii. He was fired for that. Fly with him this weekend and give me tickets for the McGregor vs Cowboy Fight. I wish he had it for me.” Get ready for the best weekend of your life, “Dana posted at the time.

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