Endrick scored and started the countdown in Palmeiras Palm trees

The Under-17 generation, which has high expectations in Palmyra, needed two minutes to introduce itself to Allianz Park fans last Tuesday and take a major step in the fight for the Copa du Brazil title.

With Endrick as the main character and counting down to signing his first professional contract, Verdão began scoring in the first two plays of the match and quickly paved the way for the victory against Vasco, which ended in a break. Cash first, but did not stop another Palmeiras. Root, strong in the second stage: 4 to 1.

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Before the great start, the Grand Stand at Allianz Parke was already waiting to see Endrick. Today in the U-17s and months ago, a special feature of the U-20s, they will be able to live in a professional environment from July 21, when they will be 16 years old and will be able to register their first contract.

Victory against Vasco da Gama in the Andrew U-17 U-Palmeiras – Photo: Fabio Menotti / Ag Palmeiras

It is natural that a 15-year-old gets a lot of attention on and off the field. At the same stadium, the Copenha champions, in January, the striker achieved a status that made him the most celebrated athlete by Palmyra in the line-up announcement. But he was not the only standout in the first final.

Figueiredo, a technical midfielder and owner of a personality that gives the club confidence in a crucial future with an all-day shirt, scored the first goal after a good individual move. In the next move, Endrick got his first score from partner Luis Guilherme, another skill of the Palmeiras, and relying on a decline in marking to finalize within the area.

Popular in Europe and on the front page of the newspaper, the striker showed his physical strength in the winning sprint against the Vasco team. True, as a typical striker, he was hungry for a shot that could have been converted into a pass for Coutinho and he had a great chance at the penalty kick before he could take responsibility and score the fourth goal. Lost

Best Moments: Palmeiras 4×1 Vasco, Copa du Brazil U-17 Final First Round

However, before the final goal of the day, a talented left-hander from the Palmyrans race had already scored the third goal – Thales kicked the first shot with his right foot, and scored a powerful goal.

– I’m worried because I had a chance (to score three goals), but I got another chance later and I did, unfortunately I don’t know what happened, but thank God I scored a penalty. – 80’s writer Andrick says goal in 109 matches with Palmyra shirt.

At the age of 15, Andrکk asked to play in the Copa du Brazil sub-17 to keep himself competitive in the short shooting tournament. He worked so hard that the forward has now scored six goals in five games in the category.

Although he has not yet registered as a professional athlete, Andrzej is completing goals and jumping stages at the base. This has been happening since he was 11 years old, when he started his career at the club, and it could be the most significant leap in his career so far.

Palmyra X Vasco, Brazil U-17 Cup Final – Photo: Fabio Menotti / Palmeiras

The forward’s momentum in the Under-17s could be the final chapter on Sunday, when Verdo will travel to Sao Januario with the benefit of a two-goal loss to Vasco to win the Copa du Brazil.

If Able Ferreira wants and needs it, Endrick will be available to professionals from the end of next month.

– I want it to come in July. If Able calls me I will give 110% in training, if he can add me, play well to win the right of teacher, teammates and fans. My head is calm, I’m thinking on base here, if Ababel calls me, my head will go to the professional. Even at base, Palmyras fans are extraordinary – the Palmyras player said.

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