Facebook is now called Meta: a company that includes the entire MetaVars and real-world VR experience – the Internet

Facebook is now called Meta: a company that includes the entire MetaVars and real-world VR experience – the Internet

Formerly known as Oculus Connect, now called Facebook Connect, the annual event features the latest in virtual reality tools and services from Mark Zuckerberg’s company. Interest in this year’s edition has grown, first of all because of the negative environment surrounding the Facebook papers, about the documents that came to light about the company’s conduct in moderation of content and protection of minors. Show flaws, especially after the testimony of Francis Hogan. The Senate of the United States, the famous “Whistleblower” that initiated the investigation.

But the other big issue of the event, which could put the usual excitement about the company’s new virtual reality headsets in the background, is the result of the rebranding of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has already revealed that the company may change its name. That means Facebook will become just the name of the brand new social network with WhatsApp and Instagram. A bit like Google, which made Alphabet a holistic brand for all the companies in the group. And that’s exactly what happened: Facebook, the parent company, and the aggregator of all the social networks we know, now known as Meta.

But to come up with a meta-name, Mark Zuckerberg spent an hour and a half explaining what his meta-name was, which led him to name the parent company. Metavers thus becomes another branch of the company, which is connected to the virtual reality segment with its social networks and other companies.

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Mark Zuckerberg opened the event with a message of a brighter future, a future we want, and that the owner of Facebook will do his best to make it a reality. But what is the future? Metaverse, of course. The owner of Facebook wants to give users the tools and ability to express themselves in the world by setting an example of video as the current medium. The next platform will be more in-depth, with more experiences for what the company calls Metaverse, for chatting, studying and activities in a different world. Mark Zuckerberg believes that Metaverse is the next step in mobile internet. It will no longer see a small instrument window, but will make eye contact and talk. Instead of looking at the screen, the experiments have to be lived in a more natural way. “It’s not about staying in front of the screen for long, it’s about getting deeper.”

Facebook Metavers

The leader of the company says that there are already some blocks in the construction of Metavers, but some pieces are still missing. For now, here are some examples of how we can experience Metavers: connecting with people. In one instance, the leader created a virtual avatar, entering a virtual world where other people created their own avatars, whether it was a robot or a character with zero gravity. Calling in this world is like pulling from a virtual screen. Then anything can happen, visiting scenes, and in external calls, in the real world, the avatar appears, not the person himself.

“You will really feel people’s feelings and shapes, as if we were there in person”, for that you have to create avatars, whether they are motivated to communicate with friends, or if real This is for work. The idea is to create an avatar for sharing between applications. But it all starts in the user’s virtual home, where he can invite his friends or create a place to work. There are various places, whether games or other, in which you can teleport. And doing so is like clicking on an internet address, when you click you will have access to space. And the items you collect become available in all applications. And Mark Zuckerberg does not refer to the items in the NFT that are in vogue. In the future, images, videos, music and promises will make it possible to bring objects from reality to virtual, even creating real-life holograms for these virtual objects.

The idea is for users to create this world, create its spaces and connect with each other. Horizon Home is the first thing you’ll see when you turn on the Quest VR headset. The place will act as a social network, connecting people. It will then grow into Horizon Worlds, a world that has been in beta for the past year. And Horizon Collaboration is the place to work. Messenger gets a virtual reality version, so you can call friends in this virtual space.

And even in concerts, one can participate in this meteor, either in person, or through an avatar, of course, without leaving the room. It’s called Horizon Afterparty and it looks like a virtual lobby where you’ll have “drinks” with friends. You can change clothes, buy virtual merchandising and even the music you will hear in space. This will allow creators to connect with new audiences. And virtual objects will respond to user movements and interactions.

The owner of Facebook says that there is a market for creators to share their 3D objects, as it is the creators and users who will create and realize this metavers. Gaming has not been forgotten in this Metavers, which exemplifies playing “classic games” with people from different parts of the planet with a new vision, like a simple virtual chess. Another example of ping pong was mixing real players with avatars, sharing the same space. More fundamentally, Zuckerberg preferred to catch the wave while surfing in this virtual world.

“Live Service” games will benefit from Metavers, games in constant evolution, with lots of content, such as Bat Saber, which has been released as one of the best virtual reality games. Population One Quest has become one of the most played games, a martial arts built for virtual reality. More content is promised. The next segment was sharing game trailers that will hit the Oculus Quest market, including GTA San Andreas, which has been redesigned for virtual reality.

Fitness is another important part of Metavers, or Virtual Reality. It will be possible to play a boxing match between different players, in which you really have to test yourself physically or against virtual rivals. Basketball matches, fencing or gym bikes were also offered, combining reality with virtual.

In terms of work, Facebook believes that teleworking is available to many people. So you can create a place in Metavers, a virtual workspace, where you can share work, make appointments, wherever you are. Facebook will continue to launch content to personalize workrooms, but also applications and Internet services, such as social networks. Facebook testing will soon be possible in Metavers. The company boss says: “I’m really excited to bring the remote work to Metavers. For you, this change will be very positive for everyone, as well as for the environment, as you travel. Saves money

Using Medicine Apps to mimic operations and tasks to practice in virtual reality, Teaching Metawors will also benefit. Even the famous David Attenborough will give lessons about nature in his meteor space.

To make Metavers more accessible to the public, the company wants to continue lowering headset prices, but also expand its stores and elements of this parallel universe to PCs. As such, he hopes to change the business paradigm, many of which are still unaware of their potential. One example was given that the avatar is currently unable to purchase virtual clothing for the avatar, but the content is locked into the game or app. It’s like you bought a Cristiano Ronaldo jersey and you can only wear it in your stadium, compare the company. Users will create their own avatars but they can be used between different virtual locations.

NFTs will not be left out, ensuring that creators create unique items that can be sold to other users. And many items can have virtual or real versions that the user can choose from.

Developers are conducting virtual experiments that help users, such as projections to teach them to play the piano or create 3D versions of Instagram posts, for example. In addition, simple augmented reality experiences, such as masks and effects for photos or videos, are increasingly being used by users and will be extended to Metavers.

Mark Zuckerberg also spoke on the topic of privacy and the fact that Metavers has to be built with this in mind from day one. The company does not want to surprise anyone, it wants to be as transparent as possible. Offer parental controls and other tools to engage in the use of best practices and in-depth meta-facts.

And what is the future of hardware? Here are the new products to link to Metavers.

Next year, Project Cambria will be released, which is compatible with Oculus Quest. This is a peri-ferral that allows you to capture all the details of people’s senses and face, such as glasses, beard, and even skin color, and translate them into relevant digital avatars in the Metavers. Peripherals will also allow you to write or take notes in virtual reality without removing your glasses. Basically, it will act as a bridge between the elements from the peripheral reality to the virtual.

It also works by looking through the lens. Your first Rayban springs allow you to access calls or view messages. But the company is working on a model with Project Nazare to create real augmented reality experiences in real springs.

An idea about avatars is the creation of virtual “alter ego” where people can change physical aspects, which they really can’t or don’t want to do, whether it’s a tattoo or a bald person with hair in a virtual version. I am. Another interesting aspect is the interaction with objects in reality which is imprisoned in virtual, which has a great sense of realism. This may be the next step in capturing elements to replace the elements created in CGI.

Artificial intelligence will also be part of this equation, helping to find contextual actions and find real objects and connect them to virtual objects. When you turn on your glasses and sit on the sofa and watch television, the system recognizes that you want to turn on the devices. Just like glasses, through voice input, can help to find objects in the house, for example.

For Metavers, Mark Zuckerberg ended the event with the announcement of his next chapter for Facebook. Today they are seen as a social network and Metavers is the next stop. “Facebook was born at a certain time, the Internet”, thus setting the tone for a new identity. Metavers has been given the opportunity to change this paradigm, to keep people at the center of their technology, not at the center of apps as it has been so far. “I’m thinking a lot about the next stage of my identity. And the names we have right now don’t do everything we’re doing. [Facebook] That prevents us from filming everything we do, “said the Facebook boss, or Meta.

Goodbye Facebook. Hello meta

Facebook is called meta. The Greek word means “behind”, which represents your position regarding the company being formed. Earlier in the week, Facebook, or rather Meta, presented its financial results, saying it would be the last time it would assume its current name. Mark Zuckerberg also confirmed that, in the fourth quarter, he will implement a new format for presenting accounts, which is divided into two parts: the family of apps including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Includes WhatsApp and other services. And Facebook Reality Labs, which includes everything related to users’ virtual and augmented reality, including hardware, software and content, in other words, its new metavers.

To dispel doubts, Facebook, the social network, as we know it today, has the same name. Facebook, the parent company of the entire ecosystem, changed its name to Meta.

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