Fans fill the event with Vasco players: “I’m part of this family,” says Conceição. Vasco

Wednesday without a Vasco game, but not without a meeting between fans and players. That night, Vasco residents met with defender Anderson Conceio, left-back Adimar and striker Figueroa at a mall in the West Zone of Recreo, Rio de Janeiro.

– It’s very special, Vasco fans always make a difference, this method is great. We will continue to look for victories to move away from fifth place and get closer to our goal and first place – said Figueiredo.

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Figueiredo with a fan at the club store – Photo: Felippe Costa / ge

With lots of lines for photos and autographs, athletes had the opportunity to feel the warmth of the crowd two days away from another important game in Serie B on Friday evening at 7pm against Operário-PR in Sao Zanu. Anderson Conceição felt at home.

– Wherever we find this love and it is very special, because I am also from Vasco and I am part of this family. We are going through a good phase, working hard and bringing the crowd closer. What’s more, my family is from Vasco, I love it, I wear shirts, I’m from Vasco from the heart, we have to enjoy these moments – said Conceição, who added:

– Serie B is not an easy game, opponents always make it difficult, we will play with the whole pot at home, but we have to stay calm to win a good match and get three points. Our team is in great shape on the field, everyone is helping each other, thanks to a good collective campaign.

Conceição and Edimar meet fans at the club store – Photo: Felippe Costa / ge

At 36, Edimar already has a lot of experience in football, but he guarantees that he found the atmosphere in Vasco that he had ever lived. The left-back, who likes the team to have a good time on the field, was also disturbed by the fans.

– Great to feel this love, it’s unique, practically stopping a mall on Wednesday. What the fans have done for us is impressive and we hope to return to the pitch as much as possible and give our lives for this club. Phil Beck said.

– This is a unique moment in my entire life that I am living, this is a passionate crowd. At least on Friday we can walk with blood in our eyes. Sometimes we don’t control the outcome, but what we do on the field, yes. We will try to move the Vasco division forward – concluded Adimar.

Vasco fans flock to the mall in search of players – Photo: Philippe Costa / G

São Januário or Maracanã?

The good performance of the team, which is the vice-captain of Serie B and the only undefeated team in the competition, draws fans to the stadium, so much demand has already forced the club to send games to Maracan. Also on the main stage of Kariuka football on July 3, to play against the game. Location doesn’t matter to players because fans are everywhere.

– São Januário or Maracanã, for me it does not change, our fans are with us in both stadiums – highlighted Figueiredo.

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In São Januário, 22,000 tickets for the game against Operário-PR sold out in 24 hours.

– The atmosphere in Maracanã that day was wonderful, it will stay in our memories, but São Januário is our home, our opposite territory and on Friday there will be crowds, the party will be beautiful – said Anderson Conceição.

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The board plans to send more matches to Maracan by the end of the season, but it has faced resistance from concessions, which Vetoed the anti-sports petition.. Vasco called for reconsideration and asked the consortium to respond by Thursday night.

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