Fans retrieve Sao Paulo shirt he threw on the field and wants to return to Mormbay with “amulet” | Sao Paulo

An unconventional process, previously repeated indoors, but this time in front of television cameras. Sao Paulo fan Rodrigo Godoy, 35, was busy after a late Monday night operation in Mormbe on Tuesday.

It was Rodrigo Godoy who threw the Sao Paulo shirt after the final whistle of the classic against Palmyra. Palmeiras’ return from 2 to 1, with two goals in the last minute, sparked a process of anger or “hate for love”, as he described in an interview. ge. In the end, at least, she managed to recover the uniform that had been lost.

– It was a faint and unintentional act by a fan that left Santos to go to Sao Paulo. Expensive tickets, expensive petrol pays. We then drew to 90, turned to 95, from one of the home rivals, after successive defeats with this bitter stamp. This was the last straw for me – announced Rodrigo, known as MC Rodriguinho do Marapé.

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“I’ve seen this reaction many times, I felt it there. I never thought there would be such a ratio. I never wanted to insult the club. Even the club did something. Has been insulting the audience for a long time. It was an act of love because of a moment of hatred, “he added.

Rodrigo Godwit with a Sao Paulo shirt thrown into the classic and recovered – Photo: Private Archive

At the time of the shot, Rodrigo Godoy had some thoughts. Sao Paulo sails off the coast of Sao Paulo with a friend, Fábio, known as DJ Rhuivo, whose story is directly related to what was thrown.

– There will be a story in this shirt, now this is my amulet. We were going to a game in 2016, but by chance we passed the mall and in front of the Sao Paulo store. It was the day of the shirt launch, we entered the store. I received it as a gift, I was very happy. The heart team’s official shirt, I was so happy – he remembers the “first gift”.

What do you think of the fan who threw the Sao Paulo shirt?

Rodrigo explained how he got his shirt back:

– This friend of mine was with me in the stadium when I did this shooting.

– I threw him, he came in, called Supervisor And asked for the shirt back. My friend gave me a shirt twice. He had no idea it was the same shirt he had given me as a gift.

Rodrigo with DJ Rhuivo, responsible for shirt retrieval – Photo: Personal Archive

The action, captured through the premiere broadcast, caused a great stir on Rodrigo Godwit’s social networks and on the telephone. He declared that he had received “too much hatred”, including threats and naming. On balance, however, MC Rodriguinho felt he was welcomed by the crowd, which did not deter him from continuing to go to Mormbe. Even in another classic against Palmyra, on Thursday, for the Copa du Brazil.

“I will continue, I will never be intimidated. If something hard comes along, it will not scare me. I love Sao Paulo and I will always be there whenever I can. My heart There’s a five-dimensional shield – reports the musical composer, who wants to go into the fifth game, but needs to solve the relationship problem.

Rodriguinho has a permanent presence at the Sao Paulo Games in Mormbe – Photo: Personal Archive

– Thursday is my birthday and I agreed to do something with my girlfriend, but I can’t get in trouble at home (laughs). They came to tell me to go, but I will try to find a way not to be upset. I’ll try to figure out if the tricolor works – that’s it.

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