Fast & Furious Vehicle designer Craig Lieberman partners with Y0 NFT.

Imagine a useful future where purchased non-flammable tokens (NFTs) are not only the key metrics and features of this project but also your blueprint for 3D printable real world items?

Matthew Cunningham, founder of Y0 NFT (pronounced “Y Zero”), in partnership with Craig Lieberman, technical advisor at Fast & the Furious Fade With NFTs. 3D concept cars full of Y0 SUVs.

Hollywood design is similar to Web3.

Cunningham’s current and former clients, known for bridging the gap between science fiction and reality, include: Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Netflix, Lions Gate, Amazon Studios, BMW, Toyota, Hyundai, Google , Legendary Pictures, McTrix, Volvo and Volkswagen Group. Among others.

Cunningham has designed car concepts for directors such as Steven Spielberg, John M. Chow and Adam Vanguard, and Star Trek: Packard, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Space Jim 2, Russo Citadel Brothers’ next project for Amazon Studios. , A film adaptation of the famous Borderlands game franchise, starring Kevin Hart, and the upcoming Godzilla sequel, which is currently being filmed in Australia.

For the first time on Web3, Cunningham and Lieberman are applying Hollywood-style vehicle design to create the “Syntax” of the Y0 NFT, a fantastic car 3D NFT design that revolutionizes the driving experience in the Metavers and 3D concept car. Enable the ability to print on NFTs. . In addition, Cunningham noted that the Syntax pays tribute to player Briggs Cunningham (no connection known) and his two Le Mans cars – the 1950s Le Monster and the 1954 C4-R.

An NFT project of this caliber requires an equally important partnership, which is why Cunningham and Y0 NFT have formally hired Craig Lieberman, an American producer, to technicalize the Fast & Furious franchise to scale the Y0 NFT. Serving as a consultant, has partnered with.

For the past 40 years, Lieberman has been interested in automotive. Even before he got his driver’s license, Lieberman was tampering with cars, having successfully built five Japanese sports cars at the age of 19! In a recent conversation, Lieberman stated, “My passion was not inherited, it was acquired. For me, cars are the canvas on which we paint images of speed and power. There’s art. Maybe I’m romancing it, but I really feel that way. “

With his passion, dedication and drive, Lieberman landed two cars for the lead role in Universal’s The Fast and the Furious. With the proliferation of hit movies on the big screen, Lieberman was again asked to design vehicles for the EA Games, which grossed $ 15 million – clearly the best match for the Lieberman Y0 NFT. Cunningham.

“Our goal is to be one of the most useful NFT collections ever released,” said Nicholas Paplin, a Y0 NFT Web3 consultant and blockchain architect. “The mission of the Y0 NFT is to provide world-class vehicle designs in a limited edition in a variety of digital formats, directly to collectors, offshends and gamers, using a decentralized design, distribution and pipeline construction.”

Y0 NFT: Building License

The green flag flutters, the engine spins, and the Y0 NFT leads – but before we get back to racing, let’s take a look at how Y0 NFT cars are made.

The Y0 NFT cars are thoughtfully designed and fully realized using the digital design process applied to the design of luxury cars and Hollywood blockbusters. Talking about the benefits and advantages of Syntax’s design from this partnership, Cunningham says: Depends on a constellation of shared systems. Experience for each collector. Experience for each Syntax owner. But it will be different.

In this forward-thinking spirit, Y0 NFT will donate a significant portion of the proceeds from all of its projects to foundations that are in line with the concept vehicle concept.

Metaverse takes the lead

What good is a well-designed concept if you can’t run it? Fortunately, Y0 NFT cars answer this question by providing a unique metaver utility to all owners. The Y0 NFT car, also known as the Digicar, can be driven in Metavers and parked in your virtual garage. Each Y0 NFT Digicar اپنی comes with its own glTF file for virtual display – and additional industry standard file formats that will be distributed allowing 3D printing.

Looking to the future, the invention could launch a bridge between Metavers and Reality, allowing users to participate in building a prototype Y0 NFT car. Given the appropriate funding and delivery time, this will ultimately allow the production of concept cars that start in Metavers. Also, it will give Y0 NFT car licensing rights to holders.

With the worldwide adoption of Web3, the Y0 NFT aims to not only be a trend-setter, but also a glimpse between NFTs, car enthusiasts and Hollywood movies, giving the world a fantastic 3D view of fantasy cars. Provides NFTs. Game-changing driving experience.

To learn more about how the Y0 NFT will move Web3 into fifth gear and a glimpse of its Phase 1 prototype, visit the website today. Also, follow Y0 NFT. TwitterDiscord and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest developments, innovations and roadmaps.

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