Find out where to look for classics between Sao Paulo and Palmyra.

Departure between Sao Paulo and Palmyra last Monday

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The main character of an inspiring twist in the last شاہ جھٹکاThe Palmeiras will meet Sao Paulo again this Thursday, at 8 p.m. The tricolor team wants revenge. The teams will face each other again in Morambi, but this time for the first round of the Copa du Brazil Round of 16.

Palmyras has almost the best performance in the classic this year: 87.5%, seven wins in eight matches and just one blow. The Always team is meeting the tricolor for the fifth time in 2022. There are three wins for Able Ferreira’s team and one for Rogerio Seine’s coaching team.

Palmyra wants Penta in the Copa do Brazil, a tournament they won in 1998, 2012, 2015 and 2020. To advance to the Round of 16, they knocked Jozierns out of Bahia. Sao Paulo is looking for its first title in a national competition. At a later stage, he left Juventus along the way.

While Palmyra plans to extend their unbeaten series to 20 matches for the season, further improve their good numbers this season in which they have lost just three times and returned home with the result that She is comfortable deciding on the location of Aliens Park. In the quarter-finals, Sao Paulo tried to take revenge on their opponent who beat him at the last second, for Brasileirão, scoring two goals in extra time in the space of five minutes. The return match is scheduled for July 14 in Allianz Park. There is no such thing as a tiebreaker.

The Copa do Brasil, worth remembering, places the champion in the Libertadores and gives him the highest prize in national football. Whoever reaches the final and wins it costs R $ 60 million. The final prize money depends on how many stages the winner of the tournament has participated in and if he is part of Group 1, 2 or 3. The total could reach R $ 79.5 million, which is approximately R $ 10 million more than the amount paid to Atlético. MG for the 2021 title.


Not satisfied with the change his team has made in extra time, Rogério Ceni will have to make changes to the lineup and more than one sector. He also hinted at changes due to the physical wear and tear of some players.

On the sidelines, Igor Vinicius and Reinaldo could give way to Rafinha and Welington. In the middle of the field, the main doubts remain. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Absences are the same as before: Andres Colorado, Gabriel Sarah, Nikao, Talis Costa, Allison, Luan, Cayo, Wallace and Moreira.


In Palmyra, Marcos Rocha and Rafael Vega are expected to return, both recovering from muscle problems. Right back is more likely to be selected. Otherwise, Mayke will start or continue to improve the Gómez sector. The team’s top scorer of the season, the midfielder, is cautious in returning, even though he has trained with his teammates without any restrictions. Veiga has been down since a goalless draw with Atlético-MG about 20 days ago.

Gustav Scarpa’s tendency is to remain central to the team. The midfielder has a great time. He reached the 50 Asset mark with the Alvaraday shirt, which he has been wearing since 2018. This season, he already has 11 passes to score for his teammates.

Able Ferreira’s Cowed 19 test was negative and he was released to follow the last activity before departure. The Portuguese returned to the edge of Morombi’s lawn, where his assistant, Joao Martزnez, was last Monday. “It’s a new competition, it’s different from Brazil, but the spirit is the same. Our feet are on the ground, because it’s a great classic,” said forward Rooney.

Sao Paulo X Palmyras

Sao Paulo: Gendarme Arbolida, Diego Costa and Leo; Rafinha, Gabriel Neves, Rodrigo Nestor, Igor Gomes, Patrick (Luciano) and Welington (Reinaldo); Calories Technician: Rogerio Sini.

Palm trees: Vverton Maike (Marcos Rocha), Gomez, Morello and Packers; Danilo, Zee Raphael and Gustavo Scarpa; Gabriel Veron, Dudu and Ronnie. Technician: João Martins (assistant)

Referee: Rafael Claus (FIFA / SP)

Time: 20

the location: مورومبی

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