Find out who Alan Jesus is, the inspiring Luva de Pedreiro businessman

Iran Ferreira and Alan Jesus were, recently, two names unknown to the public on social networks. Iran, Pedrero’s glove burst with his charismatic videos, while Alan Jesus succeeded among himself, handling and acting in the careers of football players. Digital marketing. The two met and formed a controversial partnership. The businessman, who has always stood by Iran, has been questioned about the fact that despite such success, Luواa de Pedro is still living a simple life. The LeoDias column now tells you who Alan Jesus is.

Successful businessman in football

Well known in the field of sports, Alan Jesus owns ASJ Consultoria, a company that specializes in the agency of athletes and influencers. Marketing Players such as Digital Pablo, the defender of Flamingo, and former Fluminense player Dario Konca, his career is managed through his company. In addition, former Grêmio player Douglas Costa and team defender Thiago Silva have already terminated their partnership with the businessman.


But it’s not just a team of players with stars, but also a team of influencers. In addition to Iran Ferreira, ASJ Consultoria has comedian Rafael Portugal, tick tock Victor Mello and actress Marcel Casagrande as agents.

Conflicts with Mason’s gloves

A few months ago, The web The way Alan Jesus is handling Iran Ferreira’s career is questionable. Advertising deals take time to close, with an exaggeration of entrepreneurial mentions in Luواa de Pedro’s profiles and even a commemorative plaque with the number of subscribers to the inspirational channel Allen’s channel on YouTube, angering fans. Has been

Despite all the criticism, the businessman never talked about his relations with Iran. The LeoDias column has been trying for several days to contact a business person who refuses calls and questions. The businessman announced on his social networks that a “bomb” would be announced, which would benefit Luva de Pedro, this Wednesday (22/6). However, immediately after the announcement, this Tuesday (21/6), the partnership seems to have reached a turning point, when Iran Ferreira deleted all mention of Alan Jesus and ASJ Consultoria from their profiles.

This column continues with an open space for Alan Jesus to express his views on his relationship with Iran Ferreira.

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