Flu overcame Cruzeiro and took the lead in the Copa du Brazil.

Intensity and adrenaline were the elements that were not lacking in the first game between Fluminense and Cruzeiro today (23) for the Copa du Brazil Round of 16. In a game with the right of exit, many VAR interventions and an unbeaten goal, Tricolor das Laranjeiras used all their offensive stock to take the lead in the decision by winning the match 2-1 in Maracan. Manuel and Cano scored for Flu, while Lucas Oliveira scored for Raposa – all with heads.

The two teams will meet again on July 12 at 21:00 (Brasilia time) in Minerva. As a result, the flow continues with the tie. If Cruzeiro wins by one goal, a place in the quarter-finals will be decided on penalties.

However, before the reunion, Fluminense is set for the 14th round of Brazil’s Series A on Sunday (26), at 16:00 (Brasilia time), in the classic against Botafogo. Cruzeiro will host Sport for the 15th round of Série B on Tuesday (28) at 9:30 pm in Mineirão.

Different strategies

The game started with excitement and the teams demonstrated different strategies. While the tricolor made more modern markings and was better posted, Cruzeiro bet on a quick departure, but without much success. The ball was heavily controlled by Keriocas, a rarity in Cruzeiro games, which usually dominates actions.

Purpose Disapproval and Disputes in Stands

Canoe scored in the 17th minute of the first half, but it didn’t count. An unbeaten goal forced the Maracana stand to explode. As soon as the verdict was announced on the big screen, Cruzeiro fans celebrated and tried to move the team forward. In response, Fluminense raised his voice, while the players on the field kept talking to each other so as not to slow down.

Former Maracan law

In the 45th minute of the first half, defensive Manuel had to open the score in Maracan. The play begins with a corner kick pushed by Cruzeiro’s defense. The ball landed on Gansu on the right, which pushed it to the back of the goal for Manuel. The fierce celebration of the former Heavenly Guardian drew attention.

Endangered! And purpose!

In stoppage time in the first half, in the 51st minute, in a free kick from midfield, Zé Ivaldo saw Fábio in advance and sent him to the goal. The goalkeeper stepped back and managed to touch the ball and send it out. In the corner kick, Flap Machado sent the first post and Lucas Oliveira went up without a tie.


Fernando Deniz’s team created good opportunities to open the scoring, especially in the dramas that were looking for wings. The quartet, made up of Ganso, Louis Henrique, Arias and Keno, found good places in the opposing defense. In the 2nd minute, Matheus Bidu took the ball over the line and scored the first goal in a canoe kick. Cruzeiro still finished first with one player less. Giuseppe Jesus was expelled after a forced entry into Nonato.

In the second half, Fluminense topped. Cruzeiro, with a low, barely managed to advance on the offensive field. Flu, meanwhile, scored the second goal with Kino, at 10, with a header, after Arias’ cross. The tricolor remained at the top, dominating the second stage even more, but it was not enough to increase the score. At 44, Edo played a good trick for waiter Leko who, when he hit, took too much from Fabio and the ball went out.

Flu performance

The flu started with a good post and a high scoring team. In search of wings, Fernando Deniz’s men succeeded in finding places and creating opportunities. On the other hand, he gave some space in defense. With another, he returned intermittently with a formation that provided more control over the offensive field and dominated the operations.

Cruise performance

Cruzeiro remained involved with Fluminense throughout the match and had to be deployed defensively to try to stop the opponent. Paolo Pizzolano’s team had difficulties and parts that did not work well, such as Giovanna Jesus, Fernando Canisum and Rodolfo. The last condition was from the coach to the attack, but it did not work out well.

Who did it well: German canoe

Argentina played well and was the author of the second goal of the Fluminense victory, which benefited the team in the fight for ranking. He didn’t even allow a goal in the first half.

Who was bad: The living Jesus

In the first half of the game, the right-hander was sent off after a foul on Nunato, and Cruzero was left with a low, which led Minas Gerais’ team to change tactics in a crucial game.

Last at home

Sold to Betis, striker Luiz Henrique played his last game at Maracana before joining the Spanish club. The Larangers will face Botafogo on Sunday at Nelton Santos.

“Fight” for goalkeepers

Before rolling the ball, the Fluminense crowd cheered on the starting players. And the song in honor of Fábio began loudly, to which he responded with applause. Soon Cruzeiro’s mob screamed for Raphael, the current owner of the Sky Round.

Cruzeiro’s idol, Fábio, left the club earlier this year, after failing to sign a renewal deal with the board, already under Ronaldo’s command at SAF Mold. Free on the market, he agreed with the Laringiras Club.

Data sheet:

Flumens 2 x 1 cruise
Copa du Brazil Round of 16 (1st round)
Date and time: June 23, 2022 (Thursday), 19:00 pm (Brazil time)
the location: Maracana, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Referee: Andre Luiz de Fritas Castro (GO)
Assistants: Bruno Rafael Pires (FIFA / GO) and Fabrizio Valerino da Silva (FIFA / Go)
VAR: Daniel Nobre Buns (RS)
Yellow cards: John Arias and Andre (Fluminense); Zé Ivaldo, Edu, Pedrão and Willian Oliveira (Cruzeiro).
Red card: Giuseppe Jesus (Cruise)
Objectives: Manoel, 45 minutes to the first half and Cano, 10 minutes to the second half (Fluminense); Lucas Oliveira, 51 minutes in the first half (Cruzeiro)

Flumens: Fabio, Samuel Xavier (John F. Kennedy), Manuel, Nano and Kiev Palista; Andre, Nonato (Mathis Martins) and Ganso (Martinelli); Luiz Henrique, Arias and Cano (Pineida). Technician: Fernando Deniz

Cruise: Rafael Cabral Zé Ivaldo (Pedrão), Lucas Oliveira and Eduardo Borck Giovanna Jesus, Willian Oliveira, Flap Machado (Adriano), Fernando Canisum (Rafael Santos) and Mathis Baido (Waiter Lake); Rodolfo (Romulo) and Edu. Technician: Paolo Pizzolano

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