Former FC Laurent general manager of football is talking behind the stage about a professional club.

Former FC Laurent general manager of football is talking behind the stage about a professional club.

Why did you write this book “The Three Important Points”?

It just came to me when I was still in the club. I started writing a few lines, but I didn’t have much time to devote to it. I didn’t know of any book that inspired the running of a professional club, the work behind the scenes. The only one I’ve come across that is a little closer to him is Ferran Soriano, the current managing director of Manchester City and former vice president of Barcelona. Also, when I left FC Lorient, it was the first thing I did; in the end, it was a huge adventure, with no commercial success or any other purpose, but I liked that I can convey it to people who love business and football, to show a side that is a bit hidden, but fundamental to the performance of a sports organization.

Why did you leave FC Laurent?

I spent seven years at the club – the first of two years in which I mainly played a part of the game with Vice President (Alex Hayes) (2009-2011) – then the other five years (2015-) 2020 Where, after landing in the French League, I warmed up the sports section. It was a really good experience, but I wanted to live something else. Above all, I wanted the club to be in Ligue 1 and to be financially healthy before leaving.

A club that is healthy and doing well as a business – not a bad word – can evoke great emotions.

What do you remember from that era at FC Lorient?

Football is my passion. I tried to be a professional goalkeeper at Clermont-Ferrand and I had to try so that I could get a good education later, because I did not allow myself to be regretted. I had the opportunity to work in football, but not only. Football is a field I love for its management, human adventure and collective adventure. When you do things right, when you work as a team, when you have time to strategize and don’t change course every year, when you have time to understand that fit Ball clubs are a very strong identity in an area; clubs that are healthy and run as well as business – and that’s not a dirty word – can evoke beautiful feelings. That is, I experienced the full force with the landing and the strong separation from the area;

Club is a company that has important features, such as random results, but with a lot of impact.

And then, importantly, what are the three points?

Yes ! These are the three points! But these are not the results. This is the result, not the reason; the club is a company with important features, such as random results, but with a lot of impact. Also, you should be a little schizophrenic because you should be aware of the effect of the result, but without giving it too much weight, as it does not always match the actual performance. Thinking like a business, working on the concrete side and implementing the strategy without changing course all the time, is my number one priority. My second point is identity. Let’s take a look at Strasbourg today, as Laurent did on the last day of last season. Did the club falter from its fans or something? No, because there is an understanding of the project, the values ​​and where the club wants to go. I am sure that in a club where there is a consensus between the area and the club, the area will be behind the club even in difficult times. The third point is emotion. But you need to know how to direct it. Because if you have too many emotions, you will no longer imagine yourself and create instability.

However in just a few years we achieved the third highest financial performance (12.8% profit) of all French clubs in FC Lorient. This is not a cause, but an effect. The goal is not to become the most profitable club in France, but to allow you to achieve great things.

How important is it for a club like Laurent, for example, to be profitable?

I have always believed that the financial side of the club should not conflict with the sports part. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Finding a balance. It is important to invest in athletes, but not financially. In Ligue 2, FC Lorient achieved the third highest financial performance (12.8% profit) among all French clubs. This is not a cause, but an effect. The goal is not to become the most profitable club in France, but it does allow for some serious setbacks, such as deportation or unforeseen events like CoVID-19. Since Laurent is not a big city, it includes revenue from player sales, but I don’t think Laurent ever had a business club business model. The transfers are important, but the club’s opinion can only be a sports performance, which presents itself as a springboard club.

Is there room for many professional clubs in Britney?

Yes. The past and the present prove it. This is the region of France with the highest number of graduates in terms of population. In addition, each club has its own identity. FC Laurent is a club south of Britney that has a very marine marina. Breast is an area that I find more sexist. Guingamp FC is Côte-d’Armor! Stade Rennais is a capital club that has crossed many milestones in recent years. We should be proud to have such a strong club in Britney!

What are you doing now

I have been working for several months now with a sports consulting company – Portas Consulting – based in England, the Middle East and Asia – dealing with everything related to football. We have many missions abroad, with international organizations and clubs, not in France, but in Brazil or the Serie A (Italy) in the Middle East. It allows you to explore other cultures and other ways of working.

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Fabrice Bucky at a glance

At age 39


Master in Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris.


First position at FC Laurent as Director of Development, Administration and Finance (until 2011).


His second term ended in 2015 as general manager at FC Lorient.

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