Former heads of state demand امریکہ 5 billion from the United States for global aid

Former heads of state demand امریکہ 5 billion from the United States for global aid

World health officials are increasingly concerned about what many are calling “COVID fatigue,” as world leaders deal with crises such as the war in Ukraine, or turn to other major health concerns.

Donors are basically saying, ‘Oh, we want to go back, you know, whatever it was, they would prioritize funds like Maternal and Child Health, HIV, TB, and He says there is less appetite for it. “Kwived,” said FIFA A. Rehman, adviser to ACT-Accelerator, a WHO-backed consortium leading the global response.

The summit is a follow-up convened by Mr Biden in September. He will use the gathering to increase funding for vaccines, tests and treatment from rich countries. In particular, according to a senior administration official involved in the plan, they would donate 2 billion to purchase covid treatment from developed countries and 1 1 billion to provide oxygen to low- and middle-income countries. Will demand.

The United States, working with international organizations, has donated more vaccines than any other nation to the global vaccine effort. Mr Biden has promised 1. 1.2 billion in food aid to other nations. As of Monday, more than 539 million had been sent, according to the State Department. But food-producing countries have found it difficult to take up arms.

Workers and advocacy groups are increasingly impatient. Including non-profit organizations, public health, consumer health and safety; Prep4All, an AIDS advocacy group; And Health GAP, a global health advocacy group operating in Uganda, is circulating a petition criticizing the U.S. government – although not Mr. Biden personally – for lack of leadership. For those who are “dangerous and short-sighted.”

The petition urges the president to “work with renewed vigor” and make specific demands, including to work with international organizations and donor countries “to get the global response on track this year. To raise 48 48 billion “and put pressure on drug dealers to distribute their intellectual property. Technical knowledge, not only for vaccines but also for covid antivirals, which are abundant in the United States, but not widely available in low- and middle-income countries.

“The administration is not spending political capital to demand a congressional act,” said Asia Russell, executive director of Health GAP, in an interview. The lost years have turned into human lives. President Biden and the leaders of his coup have the power to change history.

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