Fortaleza has recorded the fourth highest demand for food in the drive-thru.

Demand for the fourth dose (D4) of the vaccine against Covid-19 for people aged 40 and over at the Fortaleza Events Center Drive Throw was considered high this Tuesday, the 21st afternoon. Capitol was announced this Monday, the 20th by the planet’s (lead) health department.

People 50 years of age or older are allowed to receive the fourth dose of immunizations starting this month. At the event center, long lines of vehicles lined up this Tuesday, the 21st, people were wanting to be vaccinated against the disease. In addition to D4 seekers, teens and young adults also flocked here to take the third dose (D3).

As many as 186,285 people in the capital received the fourth dose of immunization agent as of Sunday, the 19th, according to Fortaleza City Hall. In addition to the event center, the vaccine booster is also being offered at the shopping center, Iguatemi, Rio Mar. In addition to Fortaleza and Rev. Mar Kennedy, Sisi Pringaba and Health Post, there is a vaccination room against Covid 19.

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The importance of strengthening the vaccination schedule

Francisco Clayton Fritas, 48, was one of those who asked for a fourth dose of immunosuppressant at the event center on the first day after his release for people aged 40 and over. With the increase in CoVID-19 cases in some states of the country, including Ceará, they consider it important to strengthen the vaccination schedule against the disease, because, according to them, “vaccines save many lives”.

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At the age of 43, Luciana Barroso also tried to boost her vaccination schedule with a fourth dose at the Event Center’s drive-through on Tuesday the 21st. “If you have ten meals, I will take ten. The important thing is that we protect. Protect yourself and yourself, yourself and others. Was waiting ”

Carlos Frere, 41, also received a fourth dose of immunizations at the same site shortly after the release of Sesa’s new age group. “Since the first dose, when it was my turn, I always took it on the right dates. It’s been 40 years since it was opened today and I’m already here. Vaccination is very important to both us and other people, so that Prevent epidemic. It will be over soon, “he says.

Sesa has released the fourth dose of the vaccine against Covid 19 in the state for people over the age of 80 since March this year. In April, the age limit was raised to include people in their 70s and institutional elders aged 60 and over. In May, the booster was released for people over the age of 60. In early June, people over the age of 50 started getting D4.

About 618,000 people did not return to the vaccination centers to receive booster doses, according to the latest balance from the Municipal Health Department (SMS). Of these, 451,178 adults have already reached the minimum age for receiving the third dose and 166,807 could already receive the fourth dose, as they had exceeded four months of D3.

Default vaccination booster

The fourth dose (D4) of the vaccine against Covid 19 is applied in the capital, without the need for prior scheduling, in free-demand modality, in places where immunizers are being offered, according to the daily schedule at City Hall in Fortaleza. Site

When visiting vaccination sites in the capital, however, it is necessary to present an identification document with photo, CPF, National Health Card (CNS), proof of residence and vaccination card against CoVID-19, including previously taken doses. ۔

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