Fortaleza shows unity at the Arena Castillau with the harmony between the fans and the cast in the Clasico-Re-Alexander Mota

A. Kings Classic It ended in a party for the fans. power. A 2-0 victory opens a lead against this Wednesday (22). Ceará I 2022 Copa du Brazil Round of 16. The result is positive, as is the show, but the atmosphere shows an atmosphere of harmony between the audience and the cast at a crucial moment.

In recent days, the club has become “Fortaleza” with a whirlwind of emotions (protests, poor performance and removal of players). With a majority in the stadium, due to field command, Leão Was embraced by the crowdResisted the pressure of traditional rivals and won the score with many merits.

The initial intensity was such that in 25 minutes Three yellow cards. The portrait of the Classic King was created by a team that showed unity despite obstacles and surrendered while fighting for victory. Thus, he returned two months later, adding two more victories in a row.

“Fortaleza is a team that needs a group. It’s not a team that will save the team, it’s a group that will save the club, it will get what it did last year, it will get what it did last year. Will defend me and the club, “said Vujoda. At a press conference. At the end of the game, the players gathered in unity on the lawn.

Restoring trust is the way to go. In Brasileirão, it is still in the runner-up and Atlético-MG is ahead on Saturday (25) at 21h, Mineirão. It’s time to strengthen the reaction.

“Not over yet”

The statement came from Elevenigro coach Marquinhos Santos, who has been in contact with midfielder Veena since the defeat. On the field, the lack of performance at the end of the break resulted in a negative result, which did not create an atmosphere of internal dissatisfaction among the players. Before the Clasico King, 12 unbeaten matches.

Ceará fans showed strength in the stands, even in small numbers in the stadium

Thiago Gadelha / SVM

Positive notes for fans before and during the game. The crowd was small, the command was of the opposition, which has not stopped any party in the stands since the warm-up: support was there.

The negative moment did not stop the energy. On July 13, you will have the opportunity to lead the party.

“Nothing has been decided, it’s still open, and I believe my team in this group, I think there was a defeat and a strategic mistake was mine, the players donated, they did it in a short time. I suggested training and it worked against the team. Atlético-MG, Cuiabá, so the players are looking at defeat and are angry, but they will respond at the end of the week “, Marquinhos said. Said

The next match is against Atlético-GO in Serie A. The game will be played at home on Sunday (26) at 18:00.


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