Frank Vogel has the opportunity to work with a new team.

Frank Vogel has the opportunity to work with a new team.


Former Lakers coach Frank Vogel is among the “interviewed candidates” for the Hornets’ head coach position, according to Jack Fisher of the Bleacher Report.

As Fisher noted, Hornts representatives have traveled to meet with various coaching candidates in person, rather than some teams doing. Fisher added that the team is wrapping up the first round of its quest.

Mike D. Anthony, Kenny Atkinson, Darwin Hamm, Sean Sweeney, Charles Lee and David Winterpool are among the other candidates allegedly interviewed by Charlotte’s team.

Vanderbilt coach Jerry Steakhouse and jazz coach Queen Snyder have also been cited as possible targets for the Hornets, although there is no indication at the moment that any of them are ready to quit their current jobs.

Vogel has 820 regular season games as head coach, plus 88 more playoff games. He became the head coach of Indiana during the 2010-11 season, joined Magic in 2016, and was later signed by the Lakers in 2019. He has a combined season record of 431-389 with all three teams.

Although Vogel led the Lakers to the championship in 2020, it continued with only two more seasons with the franchise, which was sacked last month.

The Lakers have arranged an interview with another box assistant.

The Lakers has added another Milwaukee Bucks assistant coach to its list of candidates for the post of head coach.

According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, there is now a request to interview Assistant Charles Lee. The team has previously sought permission from the Milwaukee team to interview Darwin Hamm.

Lee joined Mike Buden Holzer’s Atlanta team in 2014 and was part of his team during the transfer to Milwaukee.

ESPN’s Kevin Pelton added Lee to the NBA Coaching Outlook in his recent annual review:

“Another boxing assistant, Charles Lee, has established himself as a cross-functional coach who projects confidence, emotional intelligence and strategy. Many executives and coaches say that if Lee had a minute in the NBA Had he played, he would have had a paid job. Today’s head coach. This is the case in today’s NBA, where owners and boards support those who have NBA data in basketball reference. “

For the Lakers, Lee became the sixth head coach to be interviewed by the team, and added Warriors assistant Kenny Atkinson as the latest on the list. He is also the fourth assistant coach to join Ham, Atkinson and Adrian Griffin.

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