Giovanna, the only player in Botafogo’s U-13, reported serious fouls and crimes: “They killed me” | Botafogo

One of the key promises of Brazilian women’s football, Giovanna Vaxman, who attacked midfielder for Botafogo, released videos exposing the physical and verbal abuse of a girl during the U-13 municipal championship controversy. Later activated social networks. She is the only girl to enter the tournament, mixed (boys and girls can compete).

Verbal attacks, according to him, come from the stands and from the fathers and mothers of the players of the opposing teams.

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Botafogo’s highlight at Giovanna Volksman Under-13 Metropolitan Championships – Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

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– They are shouting to kill me, saying don’t let me play, that football is for men. And even worse things. Most (screams) come from women, mothers of boys. A joke – he said in an interview with G, before adding:

– The fact that I am a girl weighs because when I am performing better than them, the parents (of the opposing players) do not accept. But the boys don’t have it. They obey their parents. I play, I go to them and they hit me.

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Giovanna of Botafogo injures collar bone after foul sequence

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At the age of 13, Giovanna has scored 21 of the 34 Elevenigro goals he has scored in 13 Metropolitan matches: he has 13 assists and eight goals. Last Sunday, for the semi-finals, against Sao Cristova, Giovanna suffered a foul that caused a fracture in his collarbone. The opponent who caused the injury that would take him off the pitch for two weeks was not given a card. The accident was not an isolated incident.

– There are games where I go out with swelling in the ankles, bleeding from the leg. There was a game where I almost broke my leg, it sounded so loud. They killed me in every game. And the referee doesn’t give a yellow card, doesn’t talk to them. When I complain, the judge says I don’t know the rules … It’s a business that happens every day – he said.

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Giovanna from Botafogo suffered a severe foul in the Under-13 tournament

Giovanna from Botafogo suffered a severe foul in the Under-13 tournament

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The girl believes that violence is in response to her skills and her dribbling:

– If there was another boy with the same talent, it would be the same. In Brazilian football, that’s all. If you have the skills, they say you have to kill, you have to kill, you can’t let them play … I speak in simple terms, not just because it’s me or because That i am a girl Regardless of gender, person, you have to be more respectful. I can’t be blamed for the skill I have, right?

On Wednesday (22), Botafogo shared the topic with #deixaelajogar in his networks.

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