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“I’m going to be there for a while … you know? No one is posting a video. I’m going to be cool, man! They keep bothering the boy”, he pointed out.

Earlier this year, Lua de Pedrero became a social media sensation with videos of his exploits in a flooded area of ​​the city, with the slogan “Receive!”

Outraged, Iran joined the list of digital influencers that exploded on social media or YouTube channels and, shortly thereafter, announced an indefinite break.

In most of them, the justification was the same: “I need to pause for a moment.”

Glow de Pederro: Iran angry over Ferreira allegations and announces suspension in videos

This guy, from ‘Pfizer’, announces ‘vacation, which has no right time to end’ – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

The boy, a comedian best known for his “Pfizer” viral video, announced in December 2021 that he would “take a vacation, which is not the right time to end.”

At the time, the Minas Gerais comedian said he was suffering from anxiety and depression. He said he spent the first fee he received after his video went viral on psychiatric treatment.

'Pfizer' boy announces 'holiday which is not the right time to end'

‘Pfizer’ boy announces ‘holiday which is not the right time to end’

Youtuber Jout Jout – Photo: Publicity

In 2019, youtuber Jout Jout announced a break on their channel. “Jout Jout Prazer is officially on vacation. How long? We don’t know,” the influential wrote on his channel at the time.

Karyoka returned to the page months later with a new format, but the last post on the YouTube channel was in March 2020.

Youtuber Jout Jout launched the book, talking about crises and triggers.

Youtuber Jout Jout launched the book, talking about crises and triggers.

Kéfera Buchmann announces termination of his YouTube channel – Photo: Reproduction / YouTube

In 2016, Kéfera Buchmann announced an indefinite suspension of video production for his channel 5incomminutos.

“We all have our stages, and I’m in a place where I need to take a break,” Kefira said at the time.

Kefira is crying after winning the series.

Kefira cries after winning the Emmy series “Nobody’s Watching”.

Success, reputation, and subscribers are all great, but life goes beyond that.. And since life is more than that, I need to focus on that. Don’t feel helpless and try to understand my absence. It has a reason and it needs to be. ”

Kefira focused on her acting career. A month ago, the actress posted a new video on the channel in which it was said that she would tell her story, her journey and career moments in the theater.

Winderson Nunes – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

In December 2021, Winderson Nunes announced that he would be taking a break from his shows following his “It’s Not a Sect” tour. “My next and last show is going to be a farewell show,” he said.

“Not forever, because it doesn’t exist. No one stays forever. I like to be on stage, but I’ve been on stage for about 10 years now. I’ve been around Brazil and a lot of people. I’ve seen, in many cases, that I’m embarrassed when no one has 30 heads to laugh with. ”

After fighting Popó, Whindersson Nunes says:

After a fight with Popó, Whindersson Nunes says: “I’m done.”

“I’m not worried about fame because I only like people who are like me, because they know me. And I love that love. But it affected me on other levels and I think I now I don’t even know how to deal, I need to integrate, and what to do with it. ”

“It simply came to our notice then. Working randomly without knowing where it would take me was something that bothered me.But deciding to disappear takes control of everything again, it gives me a new future, it gives me a lot of ideas, and I will come back 10 times stronger, then yes, the planet has to swallow it. Wanderson, who travels the country with his farewell tour.

Lumina Hellojah and Theinara OG

The former BBB shared what happened on her Instagram profile – Photo: Reproduction

Lumena Aleluia and Thaynara OG did not withdraw from their projects, as happened in the above cases, but announced breaks in the networks at different times. Both were affected by the events that shook her emotionally.

At the end of 2021, Thaynara OG temporarily disabled the feature that allows followers to respond to his stories. The decision was made following a crisis of concern over messages received on the network during the flight.

Former BBB Lumina Allevia finds rubbish on the door of her apartment: Sina Bezara

Former BBB Lumina Allevia finds rubbish on the door of her apartment: “Sina Bizara”

“this time My head hurt a lot.So I’m going to spend some time here, to see what they send me because it didn’t do me any good, I was scared, “said Thinara.

Last week, Lumina was shaken by the news that two sacks of feces were left on the door of her apartment in Sao Paulo.

After the incident, Lumina said that she was not feeling well and would stay away from the net. “I’m really bad. I need some time to digest what happened to me. I’m leaving.”

Theinara OGs become emotional when reporting the duration of ICU after liposuction.

Theinara OGs become emotional when reporting the duration of ICU after liposuction.

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