Glove de Pedreiro owns less than 50% of the companies created for career management.

Digitally influential Iranian Santana, also known as Lova de Pedro, does not have full control of the company set up to manage his career and manage the funds he receives through advertising contracts. In a partnership with businessman Alan Jesus and another influential figure, Victor Mello, Iran’s stake is equivalent to 45% of the company’s shares. The other two partners have a 55% stake, according to a certificate obtained by. UOL In the Board of Trade of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Joserja).

In practice, this percentage distribution leaves Iran as a losing vote if Allen and Victor come together to make some kind of decision about the company.

O Cara da Luva de Pedreiro Produções Artísticas SPE LTDA is a company formed on April 19 this year, with a share capital of R $ 50,000. Its main purpose is an agency of professionals for sports, cultural and artistic activities. Certificate of Jucerja brings April 6, 2027 as the term of the company, headquartered in Barra da Tijuca, in the western zone of Rio.

Iran and Victor entered society as individuals. Alan Jesus is part of the business through ASJ Holding Participações, in which he is a representative and administrator. The company was formed on April 18 on the occasion of the formalization of the partnership with Iran, which aims to manage non-financial intangible assets.

According to Allen, the company has a special current account in its name, which will allocate proceeds from Lova de Pedro’s advertising contracts. The merchant was contacted to explain the company’s percentage distribution, but did not respond. In a video on social networks, Allen said more than R $ 2 million is due by July.

“There are two accounts with Iranians and they are familiar with the third account, a legal entity, which belongs to our company, of which he is also a partner. This account was created this year. All advertising agreements are in this account. “I am in the process of recovering, clearly so that all transparency is possible. All partners have access to statements, entries and expulsions. This account has not yet been received,” he said.

The context of Alan Jesus’ demonstration is a series of notes published by journalist Leo Dias on the Metropolis portal, noting that two personal accounts of Lua de Pedrero registered a turnover of only R $ 7,500. Bahین’u’llh has an advertising deal with Amazon Prime Video and has already taken action with Pepsi in the European Champions League final.

The businessman says he did the audit

Luواa de Pedrero has 14.6 million followers on Instagram. On Tiktok, there are over 17.1 million. The channel has 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. Allen said he has hired an auditor over the past four months to examine documents, bank accounts, contracts and notes with Lova de Pedro. The businessman said that he had invested Rs. 200,000 during this period with various expenses.

“Once the audit is ready, if it turns out that I stole R $ 1 from Iran, let me bear all the consequences and pay a median price for many years for these actions,” Allen said. Allen said.

The businessman from Luva de Pedrero noted that there was an advertising agreement between them before the partnership began, which brought in R 20,000 for Iran. And the money was deposited into the account of his parent company, ASJ Consultoria.

“When I started working with Iran, it had an informal contract with an agency. It had to deliver some videos on Tik Tak, to advertise the championship. The money was paid. We didn’t set up the company at the time, so I had to do it. Issue an invoice and the money was deposited in ASJ Consultoria, “he said, without explaining where the money went later.

Gloves in the receiver

Iran spent the last few days in Pernambuco. Earlier in the week, he said live that he would spend some time without posting content. In Recife, he met another F12 influencer, Ni Silva, and businessman Marcelo Cerro, alias Batata, owned by former futsal player Falcão. On Instagram, Ni posted a photo with Lova and used the following caption: “The family is getting stronger every day.”

Iran went to Recife with his parents and walked in a mall. Along with Ni, he made videos and jokes in the sporting goods store. A statement from Lua de Pedro is expected next week.

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