Glove de Pedrero removed the mention of the businessman from his Instagram.

Following the Live with Burst, concerns from Netizens and even speculations about her relationship with a businessman, the impressive Iranian Ferreira, Lova de Pedrero, removed from her bio on Instagram, on Tuesday. Afternoon (21/6), no mention of Alan Jesus, responsible for managing his career.

The young man removed information about Allen and the company ASJ Consultoria that belonged to the businessman. “Digital Content Creator” is information on your profile only.


The announcement of the video recording break came after a live broadcast on Sunday (19/6), in which he was outraged by the allegations, leading to speculation among fans who wonder why Iran stays in the same place. A simple house in the interior of Bahia or even because the house was never renovated despite its success.

Remember the satire!

During a live broadcast on Sunday (19/6), Iran Ferreira was angry with the charges against him. Luواa de Pedrero even responded to some followers who commented that he would be replaced during the live.

“I stand up for my followers. What do my followers say to me there? Are you connected? I do not drink partner. I am sensible. Are you on it? But I want to get out of this mess. I already I’m sick of it, “he commented happily.

“Embrace for you there. No one posts videos these days, no. I’m going to stay there for a while. Are you connected? No posting videos. I’m going to cool my head, yes. They’re pissing the man off. Follow this f *** alone. God and my fans, brother. F *** yourself. The rest is left “, the influential added.

After Luva’s speech, followers began to ask if he was OK, and speculated that the young man was dissatisfied with his advisory team and the businessman. Iran has not responded to speculation.

The LeoDias column called Alan Jesus several times this Monday (20/6) and tried again this Tuesday (21/6) morning, but got no response. Messages on WhatsApp were also not answered. There is room for future demonstrations.

Stay inside!

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