Goals and Best Moments Fluminense 2×1 Cruzeiro for the Copa do Brasil | 06/24/2022

21:01 8 hours ago

The end of the game!

Flumens 2×1 Cruzeiro

20: 598 hours ago

An alternative to the tricolor

49 ‘- Canoe came out for Pinera

20: 588 hours ago


48 ‘- Andrei gets card for foul on Adriano

20: 568 hours ago


46 ‘- Six more minutes of play

20: 518 hours ago


41 ‘- William Oliveira gets the card and is out of the playoffs.

20: 508 hours ago


40 ‘- Vitor Leque advances to the left, takes time to decide what to do, and is surrounded by two guards.

20: 468 hours ago

Cruise replacement

36 ‘- Replacing Adriano Machado.

20: 468 hours ago

Changes in Fluminense

20: 448 hours ago

Good move

34 ‘- Louis Henrique dribbles two markers on the right side in the penalty area, but then loses control of the ball which was sent away by the defense.

20: 408 hours ago

Another yellow

30 ‘- Pedro is the yellow player of the moment.

20: 378 hours ago


27 ‘- Samuel Xavier gets a card for delaying a foul in an opponent’s counter-attack

20: 348 hours ago

In the dash!

24 ‘- Andre is threatened from outside the area and the hair slips on the post above!

20: 348 hours ago

Cruise replacement

20: 328 hours ago

In the second game of the night

22 ‘- Patrick starts scoring for Sao Paulo against Palmeiras in Mormbe

20: 318 hours ago


20 ‘- Rômulo gets a free kick in front of the goal, but Andre appears to block the shot at the last minute!

20: 278 hours ago

Excreted glands

17 ‘- One of the Fluminense ball boys was sent off for rolling the ball back into the field.

20: 258 hours ago


15 ‘- Flumens 21 x 4 Cruzeiro

20: 228 hours ago

The purpose of fluency !!!

11 ‘- Arias starts from the right, attacks the area, shoots high and frees the canoe to the second post to swing the net !!

20:19 8 hours ago

Cruise changes

9 ‘- Zé Ivaldo Pedrão leaves for Rafael Santos to replace Fernando Canison

20:18 8 hours ago

Pressure from fluminense

8 ‘- The home team attacks fiercely in search of another goal.

20:14 9 hours ago

get out

4 ‘- Receives from the canoe area at the entrance of the penalty area, turns and hits less. The ball turns in the way and goes out of the base line.

20:12 9 hours ago


20:11 9 hours ago

The second half begins

Roll the ball again

19:54 9 hours ago

Break up

Flumens 1×1 Cruzeiro

19:54 9 hours ago

Cruise Round !!!

51 ‘- Lucas Oliveira hits the net with a header on the first post after a corner from the left !!

19:50 9 hours ago


49 ‘- Coach Paolo Pizzolano also receives a complaint card.

19:50 9 hours ago

Got in trouble

48 ‘- Edo complains that Fabio will take the ball into the hands of the penalty area.

19:49 9 hours ago


47 ‘- Edu is yellow due to complaint.

19:49 9 hours ago


46 ‘- Six more minutes in the first half

19:49 9 hours ago

The purpose of fluency !!!

45 ‘- Gansu crosses to the right, Manuel turns it over his head on the first post and the ball dies in the left corner of the goal !!

19: 449 hours ago


41 ‘- The referee checks the VAR and turns the yellow red for the living Jesus !!

19:41 9 hours ago


39 ‘- Giuseppe Jesus Nunato has a yellow card for a foul.

19: 369 hours ago


34 ‘- Fluminense player enters the field with pain in his left foot.

9 hours ago at 7:35 p.m.


32 ‘- Kensin comes from behind after a cross from the left, hits first and sends long to the goal

19: 329 hours ago


30 ‘- Zé Ivaldo on the left at the entrance to the Minas Gerais team area took Arias down and picked up a yellow card.

9 hours ago at 7:31 p.m.

The referee scolded.

28 ‘- Tri-Ring Carioca coach Paolo Pizzolano angrily kicks a glass of water and is reprimanded by the referee.

19:28 9 hours ago

Remove the defense

25 ‘- Arias moves to the left, reaches the base line, shoots down from behind and the defender removes the threat

19:23 9 hours ago

Not worth it !!

21 ‘- VAR cancels tricolor round! Arias was caught offside early in the game. He received a throw to the left and crossed the field, and then the ball went into the canoe.

19:20 9 hours ago

The purpose of fluency !!!

18 ‘- Canoe grabs the ball in the penalty area on the right and kicks hard to inflate the net !!

19:17 10 hours ago


15 ‘- Arias pulls out Zé Ivaldo to stop a counter attack and receives a card.

19:14 10 hours ago

Stop the continuity

12 ‘- Referee marks a free kick in the middle for Raposa and stops Edu’s progress to the advantage of the goal.

19:09 10 hours ago

Louise Henrique

7 ‘- This will be the attacker’s last game with a tricolor shirt. He will leave Spain for 32 years.

19:05 10 hours ago

Save Baidu!

3 ‘- Cruzeiro side removes the ball from the goal line to stop the Fluminense goal!

19:02 10 hours ago

Whistle to the referee!

The ball is spinning in Maracan!

18: 5610 hours ago

Field teams

The national anthem is played.

18: 3410 hours ago

Cruise lineup

18: 3410 hours ago

Tricolor bearers

18:14 11 hours ago

Good night

At 19 o’clock, the ball will roll in Maracan! Stay tuned for details with us!

02:14 The day before

How and where to watch Fluminense vs Cruzeiro Live

Match between VAVEL here in Brazil, in addition to real time Flumens vs. Cruzeiro It will be broadcast live on Sport TV and the premiere.

02:09 The day before

When is the Flumens vs. Cruzeiro game and how to follow live?

02:04 The day before

Direct collision

01:59 The day before


Referee: Andre Luiz de Fritas Castro (GO)
Assistants: Bruno Rafael Pierce (FIFA-GO) and Fabrício Vilarinho da Silva (FIFA-GO)
Video Referee: Daniel Nobre Buns (RS)

01:54 The day before

Possibility of cruise lineup

01:49 The day before

Cruise fraud

01:44 The day before

Possible squad for Tricolor Karyoka

01:39 The day before

Fluorescence fraud

Chris Silva (knee sprain) and Luan Fritas (knee surgery)

01:34 The day before

Round game

The next day, Fluminense and Cruzeiro will face each other again for the in-round of the Copa du Brazil. July 12, Tuesday. Will take place on the game mineirão9 p.m.

01:29 The day before

Cruise expedition

01:24 The day before

Flumens campaign

01:19 The day before



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