Government launches probe after normal delivery of 17-year-old boy with ruptured eye veins by hospital staff :: Notícias de MT

The Secretary of State for Health (SES), Kellogg de Oliveira, in a publication published in the Official Gazette, which circulated this Tuesday, discussed the issue of maternal violence at the Surrey Regional Hospital (420 km from Cuba). Ordered to start investigation for investigation. 21).

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The couple accused the hospital of maternity violence: “She tried so hard to get blood in her eyes and heard that it was good when it came time to do it.”

Valeria de Mello’s husband, 17, said the young woman searched the health unit three times between June 1 and 5, when she finally gave birth. Ronaldo Francisco explained that the woman did not have enough weight for a normal delivery.

The investigation was launched after the couple’s complaint was published in Olhar Direto on Sunday (19). The ministry decided that a committee headed by Matthew Grosso’s SUS auditor general, Rosini Paxoto, would be responsible for the procedure.

In addition, a doctor and a nurse from SES are part of the committee that will investigate reports of maternal violence. The goal is to identify those involved and classify their responsibilities.

The Commission of Inquiry shall conduct its activities independently and impartially, ensuring the confidentiality required to clarify the facts or in the interest of the administration, in accordance with Article 177 of LC 04/1990, of all privileges granted in Art. With .. 180 to 193 of Complementary Law No. 04/1990 “, the publication says.

Painful stick

Since the couple lives in the Entre Rios district, in Nova Ubirat, Valria traveled about 200 kilometers to the Hospital Regional de Sade. In severe pain, she was instructed to return home, as the spread did not allow for normal delivery.

Because of this, she stayed in a support house in Surrey until her water broke, on June 4, when she returned to the health unit for the third time with severe pain.

He said sarcastically: “You have to keep quiet, you can’t pacify. It was good when you did this, so now you can handle the pressure.” How can anyone be silent? I don’t think the nurse is for him, “he said.

Valeria spent the night at the Regional de Suriso Hospital waiting for Cesarea. Ronaldo said that around 5 am on June 5, a nurse went to check the baby’s heartbeat, which was weak before the delivery was delayed.

“My heart was already pounding, the time of birth had passed, but my wife was not old, she needed a cesarean. If the doctors were following her case fairly, she would not have gone through what she went through. Was. ”

Due to severe pain and being alone at the delivery site, her mother was not allowed to accompany her in the surgery, the young woman became restless.

Valeria remembers being asked to hold the hand of one of the nurses, but she did not receive the welcome she was looking for at the birth of her first child.

“My wife was alone, she asked me to hold the hand of the nurse, who looked at her and said: ‘What do I have to do with your pain?’ She went into despair, in panic she pushed so hard that the veins of her eye burst, the eye is still pure blood.

Ronaldo also said that in an attempt to force a normal delivery, the woman underwent an episiotomy, a procedure called a “pack” in which the perineum (between the vagina and the anus) was inserted to facilitate the passage of the baby. I have an incision.

“They cut my wife on the edge. It was not a spike. Instead of having a caesarean section, they forcibly delivered my son. My wife is not well. Who would have known if she had died in that birth?” What pain has she gone through? ”

Her husband said that since the day of delivery, Valeria has been showing signs of depression. In addition to suffering physical pain due to the barbarity of medical care.

The couple’s son was born on June 5 at 6:53 a.m., and due to delays, Ronaldo said Victor Valentine was born with purple skin and a head. Currently, the baby is recovering and there is no effect from birth.

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