Grêmio tries to draw against CSA, but G4 is in danger in Serie B.

Grêmio came out from behind, but tried to draw 1-1 against CSA, today (23), for the 14th round of Serie B, at Rei Pelé Stadium, Maceió. The result, combined with Giovanni’s goal for Alagos and Genderson’s goal for Gauchos, threatens the Porto Alegre’s position in the G4.

With 22 points, Graeme is fourth, just two points ahead of Sport, fifth. The Robo-Negro, however, will still play in the round, against Biski, tomorrow (25). If the Pranamboko team wins, it will knock Tricolor out of the group, which is currently in Serie A. Tombense can also pass Grêmio, but they will have to make a big difference in their balance to win their game against Náutico. CSA has 15 points and is ranked 14th in the standings.

CSA will return to the field on Monday (27) to face Sampaio Corrêa. Graeme will play against London on Tuesday (28).

It went well: Carney avoids goals.

Marcelo Carne was important to CSA. It saved a lot of money and there was nothing wrong with it when it was leaked.

It was bad: Nicholas failed to mark.

Left-back Nicholas Graeme was critical in his markings. During the first half, his sector was a major attack point for the CSA.

Roger leaves the system and the team gets better.

Grimmio lost and went to the locker room. At the end of the first half, 1-0 for CSA and less than expected led to a change in the travel system. Roger Machado left three guards, replacing Kempaz with Neta. Such a change was enough for the team to handle the offensive sector and tie at the beginning of the final stage.

CSA Game: Lost Opportunities and Goals

CSA commanded most of the game. The Northeast team had already created three clear scoring chances when they scored with Giovanna. And after that, although he showed duplicity throughout the match, he maintained an interesting pattern of defense against Marcelo Carney’s goals and counter-attacks. Rodrigo Rodrigues represented a constant threat to Gaucho’s bodyguards.

Grêmio Game: It seems difficult to make.

Grêmio had a well-known problem: difficulty creating opportunities. Since the start of the game, there have been launches in search of Genderson and Bailey, most of which have been unsuccessful. With a number of technical failures, the Gaucho team came to power twice in the first half, with Diego Souza in the header and Lucas Silva after CSA failed to drop the ball. Both moves were blocked by Carney’s defense.

Defensively, the sides gave way and both Rodrigo Ferreira and Nicolas were defeated by Osvaldo and Geovane. In the second half, Roger Machado’s promotional changes improved the team’s ability to reach the attack easily, equalizing and scoring all the time.

Data sheet:

CSA 1 x 1 Association
Brazil Serie B – 14th Round
Date and time: 23 June 2022 (Thursday) 9:30 pm (Brazil time)
the location: At Rei Pelé Stadium, Maceió (AL)
Referee: Ramon Abatable (SC)
Assistant: Claiborne Lucio Gill (FIFA / SC) and Eder Alexander (SC)
VAR: Rodrigo D’Alonso Ferreira (SC)
Yellow cards: Sarara, Varella (GRE) Liu, Diego Renan (CSA)
Goals: Live, from CSA, 12 minutes in the first half; Genderson, from Grêmio, with 1 minute of the second half;

CSA: Marcelo Kern Lucas Marquez, Wellington, Lukau and Diego Renan; Geovane (Luiz Henrique), Giva Santos, Gabriel (Léo) and Lourenço (Marco Túlio); Osvaldo (Lucas Barcelos) and Rodrigo Rodriguez (Bruno Mazinga). Technician: Alberto Valentine

Guild: Gabriel Grando Natã (Campaz), Geromel and Bruno Alves Rodrigo Ferreira (Jonatha Varella), Lucas Silva (Sarará), Bitello and Nicolas; Genderson (Elias), Baile (Emerson) and Diego Souza. Technician: Roger Machado

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