Guyana City Hall competition proof, with over 100,000 entries, starting this Sunday (15/05).

Guyana City Hall competition proof, with over 100,000 entries, starting this Sunday (15/05).

The selection centers of the Federal University of Goiás (CS-UFG) released on Tuesday (10/05) via the website, the test venues for the first weekend of the City Hall of Guinea, which received In total, more than 100,000 subscribers.

On the first day of the event, Sunday (15/05), 11,191 candidates are expected from Schedule A, including tests for the positions of Community Health Agent (ACS) and Endemic Disease Control Agent (ACE).

Each candidate will have access to the list with name, address, room and time for participation on May 15. It is already known that the rooms are located in the buildings of the Federal University of Gois and the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC-Goiás).

On Monday (09/05), the UFG Selection Center approved entries for the competition in a total of 100,535. Candidates will be divided into five-day tests, following a pre-arranged schedule, like next Sunday, when the tests will be for the positions of Community Health Agent and Endemic Combat Agent.

On Sunday, May 25, Schedule B exams will be held for the positions of Educational Support Agent, and on June 05, Schedule C exams will be held in which Social Affairs Analyst, Social Relations Analyst, Culture and Sports Analyst, Works and Urbanism Analyst and Education Professional II.

On June 12, it will be the turn of D-Schedule candidates for Educational Administrative Assistant, Educational Activities Assistant, Health Assistant, Social Educator and Health Technician.

The exam calendar ends June 26, with candidates for health specialist and physician.

Schedule A
May 15, 2022
– Community Health Agent
– Local war agent

Schedule B
May 22, 2022
– Educational Assistant Agent

Schedule C
June 5, 2022
– Social Affairs Analyst
– Social Communications Analyst
– Culture and sports analyst
– Work and Citizenship Analyst
Education Professional II

Schedule D
-12 June, 2022
– Educational Administrative Assistant
– Support for educational activities
-Health Assistant
– Social educator
– Health Technician

Schedule E
June 26, 2022
– Health Specialist

Guyana City Hall seeks to fill 1,376 vacancies in primary, secondary and higher education positions in the areas of competitive education, health, social assistance and infrastructure. Salaries range from R $ 1,212 to R $ 3,452.

There will be 211 posts of doctors, 69 posts of nurses and 64 posts of community health agents in various fields of health. 58% for Health Assistants, 30% for Nursing Assistants, 18% for Pharmacy Assistants and 10% for Oral Health Assistants. 50 for agents dealing with local diseases, 23 for dentists and 133 for health technicians, 87 for nursing technicians, 02 for occupational nursing technicians, 10 for orthopedic immobilization technicians, 10 for radiology technicians. 10 for laboratory and 04 for technician.

There are also 06 positions for Art Therapist, Biologist (01), Biomedical (05) and Intensive Care Nurse (01), two in addition to Physical Education Professionals.

There are 194 posts of teachers of different disciplines in education, 200 posts of teaching assistants and 100 posts of educational support agents.

There are 62 vacancies for social affairs analysts, 25 vacancies for social workers, 12 vacancies for schools and 25 vacancies for psychologists in the social support sector. For culture and sports analysts, there will be 45 vacancies for physical education professionals. There are also 45 more for social teachers.

07 posts for Analyst in Infrastructure, Work and Citizenship, 07 for Architect, 29 for Civil Engineer, 02 for Electrical Engineer, 01 for Building Technologist, and 01 for Land Construction Technologist. Are

Municipal Administration Department (SEMAD) – Guyana City Hall

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